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What is the principle that says "the present is the key to the past"?
Principle of uniformitarianism
What is the principle that says older layers on bottom, younger layers on top?
Principle of superposition
What is the principle that says, due to gravity, things will settle flat
Principle of original horizontality
What is the principle that says, if a canyon cuts a sheet of sediment, we can assume the shee was eroded away
Principle of original continuity
a period of nondeposition and possibly erosion
an unconformity at which sedimentary rocks overlie
intrusive igneous rocks and/or metamorphic rocks
Imagine that a sequence of sedimentary beds has been deposited beneath a shallow sea. Then sea level drops, and the recently deposited beds are exposed for some time. During this time, no new sediment accumulates, and some of the preexisting sediment gets eroded away...
The boundary surface between two formations
geologic contact
Geologic time breakdown
eon, era, period, epoch
Epochs end in?
Periods end in?
ous, ian, ic, ary
Eons and Era end in?
Zoic means?
What drive plate motion?
Ridge-push force and slab-pull force