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In what ways does inactivity affect respiratiory exchange and airway clearance?
Stasis of secretions, insufficient O2, Decreased elastic recoil, diminished pulse
What is elastic recoil?
the ability of a stretched elastic object or organ, such as the lung or bladder, to return to its resting position.
What kind of exercises are important if a patient is on an extended period of bed rest?
Isometric exercises
To perform a neurovascular assessment on an immobilized extremity you would:
Inspect area distal to injury, and have pt move it. Inquire about feelings of numbness or paresthesia. Make sure patient's eyes are closed.
What is part of the neurovascular assessment with reguld to pulses?
palpate pulses distal to the injury and compare bilaterally, if possible.
How fast should capillary refill be?
within 3 seconds: 5 for elderly
Part of the neurovascular assessment should be inquiry about????
How often do you do a neurovascular assessment on an immobilized extremity?
Every hour for 24 hours: every 4 hours afterward
What should you do to care for the cast during the drying period?
Use palms of hands, not fingertips, Elevate cast on pillow. Turn patient at intervals so that all sides of the cast have a chance to dry
What are 5 pressure relief devices used to help prevent skin injury?
Specialty bed, gel and foam pad, elbow and ankle protectors, sheepskin pads, gel or foam pads, water mattresses
Six principles in applying elastic or roller bandages:
a. even pressure
b. elevate limb while applying bandage
c. Don't use safety pin to hold closed
d. even wraps.
e. smooth
f. use light to moderate tension
What is Homan's sign?
Homan's sign is a diagnostic test in which the foot is flexed. If increased resistance or pain is present, the test is considered positive. The calf feels warm to the touch.
What is Atelectasis?
Collapsed alevioli
Another definition of Atelectasis:
Collapsed area of the lung
What may help atelectasis?
Use of incentive spirometer
What do you do to try to prevent renal stones?
Increase fluid intake
Two main aspects of nursing care for the patient in traction are to :
a. Keep the patient in alignment
b. keep the weights free of friction.
It is very important that the weight of the traction be _____ when the patient is moved up in bed.
For traction to be maximally effective, the ropes must do what?
Move freely thru the pulleys.
Countertraction force is provided by what?
The weight of the patient, and the position of the bed
Crutches need to be adjusted how?
to the individual patient both in height (length) and from the axillary bar to the handgrip