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attendre qqn/qqch
to wait for someone/something
chercher qqn/qqch
to look for someone/something
demander qqch
to ask for something
écouter qqn/qqch
to listen to someone/something
payer qqch
to pay for something
regarder qqn/qqch
to look at something/someone
aller bien á qqn
to look nice on someone
convenir á qqn
to be convenient for someone
obéir á qqn
to obey someone
désobéir á qqn
to disobey someone
plaire á qqn
to please someone
répondre á qqn
to answer/respond to someone
téléphoner á qqn
to call, phone someone
apporter qqch á qqn
to bring something to somone
dire qqch á qqn
to say something to someone
donner qqch á qqn
to give something to someone
demander qqn á qqch
to ask someone for something
envoyer qqch á qqn
to send something to someone
expliquer qqch á qqn
to explain something to someone
laisser qqch á qqn
to leave something for someone
montrer qqch á qqn
to show something to someone
offrir qqch á qqn
to offer something to someone
prêter qqch á qqn
to lend something to someone
renre qqch á qqn
to give something back to someone
vendre qqch á qqn
to sell something to someone
acheter qqch á qqn
to buy something from someone
arracher qqch á qqn
to snatch something from someone
cacher qqch á qqn
to hide something from someone
emprunter qqch á qqn
to borrow something from someone
enlever qqch á qqn
to take something away from someone
louer qqch á qqn
to rent something to someone
prendre qqch á qqn
to take something from someone
voler qqch á qqn
to steal something from someone
to sweep
une casserole
a pot
to dust
faire le linge
to do the laundry
faire le lit
to make the bed
faire les carreaux
to wash the windows
to wash
les meubles (m)
the furniture
to clean
les ordures (fem)
un parquet
a wooden floor
passer l'apiratuer
to run the vacuum cleaner
une poêle
a frying pan
to scour
to take out
les toilettes (f)
the bathroom
l'agence (f)