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Which of the following may be used to define Geriatrics?
a. a professional field consisting of many disciplines
b. the study of aging as a part of normal development
c. a and b
d. the medical study of diseases and problems of old age.
e. a, b, and d.
The perception of high or low tones, ability to judge distances and personality may be used to characterize
a. Functional Age
b. Psychological Age
c. Sociological Age
d. a and b
e. a, b, and c
During the 1980's the biggest gain in life expectancy at 65 occured for
a. Black men
b. Black women
c. White men
d. White women
According to 1990 data obtained on life expectancy for those at age 65, which of the following groups has almost 20 years left to live?
a. Men
b. Black men
c. White women
d. Black women
e. Black and white women, although white woman are projected to have 1.9 more years than black women
A study which compares an individual's performance tothe performance of several individuals of the same age at one time point is a _______ study, whereas following a particular individual throughout several time ponts is a _________ study.
a. longitudinal; cross-sectional
b. cross-sectional; longitudinal
c. developmental; longitudinal
d. developmental; cross-sectional
A bias in which an unduly negative view of all members of the elderly age groups is taken is
a. ageism
b. gerophobia
c. social functionalism
d. all of the above
Disengagement Theory would predict that elderly individuals with low levels of social activity and life space would have ________
a. High levels of life satisfaction
b. low levels of life satisfaction
c. high levels of sociopsycholological problem
d. lower levels of cognitive functioning
An older individual who, as they reach old age, gives up roles and interests and has decreasing activity levels combined with low levels of life satisfaction is
a. passive-dependent according to Activity Theory
b. passive-dependent according to Disengagement Theory
c. integrated according to Disengagement Theory
d. integrated according to COntinuity Theory
___________ holds that as an individual grows, they are shaped to take on roles and anticipate socialization for roles while maintaining habits and lifestyles acquired throughout their lives.
a. Age Stratification Theory
b. Continuity Theory
c. Activity Theory
d. Erikson Stage 8: Integrity vs Despair
Status of the elderly in the Sidamo culture is characterized by
a. the level of status is held constatn throughout life
b. the status of the elderly is tied to their productivity and decreases with age.
c. old age brings with it an exalted status
d. none of the above
The _____culture is an example of continuity throughout life whereas the __culture is an example of disengagement
a. Abkhasian, Sidamo
b. Sidamo, U.S.
c. Abkhasian, U.S.
d. U.S., Abkhasian
Modernizaion Theory
a. claims an inverse relationship for modernization and elderly status
b. may be better described by a curvilinear, bimodal distribution
c. associates high status for the elderly with more industrial and modern societies
d. a and b
e a, b, and c
Research has shown that at retirement, the middle class may have more trouble than ____ because of ___
a. upper class; anomie
b. working class; anomie
c. upper class; financial troubles
d. working class; reduced status
The term used to describe discrimination based on age and minority groups is
a. age stratificaion
b. double jeopardy
c. ethnocentrism
d. negative ageism
____can be used to describe a diminishing of minority and majority groups differences that occures with age.
a. Exchage theory
b. Double jeopardy
c. Age as a leveler
d. New ageism
in elderly black households, the majority consist of
a. homes in which women were head
b. homeowners
c. extended families
d. a and c
The view that humans are somewhat like batteries that lose their charge and eventually die can be described as
a. vitalism
b. declining-energy theory
c. fixed-amount-of-time
d. all of the above
Regarding intelligence and mental ability research has found that
a. verbal ability and vocabulary may actually increase with age
b. intelligence and verbal ability decline with age
c. intelligence declines precipitously with declining health
d. a and c
Predictions regarding the future for elderly populations indicate that there will probably be
a. more retirees in college classes for recreation
b. shared power for middle and older populations
c. more emphasis on self-expression for the elderly
d. all of the above are predicted to occur in the future
e. none of the above are predicted to occur in the future
A change in the location of the lights in the standard red, yellow, green traffic signal may cause more accidents for elderly vs young drivers because
a. the reaction times are slower for elderly drivers
b. visual acuity declines with age
c. classical conditioning is slower to occur in the elderly
d. all of the above
Research has shown that the most effective way to counter the effects of aging is
a. through nutrituin and diet
b. through exercise
c. by refresing your cellular clock and napping
d. doing crosswords to maintain vocabulary
______has (have) been indicated in drug abuse for the elderly
a. The taking of several prescribed drugs at once
b. Slow metabolism
c. Forgetfulness
d. Lack of exercise
e. b and d
Approximately 2/3 of all elderly
a. maintain their own households
b. are husband-wife couples
c. live without non-spousal relations
d. all fo the above
Personal involvement and intimacy for married couples has been shown to be greatest
a. with the Empty Nest
b. during the shared responsibilities of rearing children
c. just prior to the birth of the first child
d. all of the above
e. a and c only
According to research, a successful remarriage after widowhood or divorce in later life depends on
a. knowing one another well before the marriage
b. approval of friends and relatives
c. establishing a new residence
d. adequate income
e. all of the above
According to the Vaillants's marital disatisfaction takes on a "U" shape with women experiencing the most disatisfication 16-20 years into the marriage. The Vaillants' explain this as
a. the point where women no longer romanticize about their husbands
b. when children of adolescent age are still at home
c. when the husband retires
d. all of the above
e. a and c only
In the modified extended family, the elderly
a. live independently, but near family with whom they interact regularly
b. live with family in one haome but maintain independent lives and are active
c. rely on church and other social groups to provide family-like interactions
d. rely only on friends and neighbors and rarely see family members
The most critical factores in the decision to retire, according to Quinn and Burkhouser (1990) is (are)
a. age
b. productivity
c. income
d. health
e. all are equally considered
Which of the following might be considered "critical reference groups" for retirement adjustment according to the symbolic interactionist's perspective
a. families and friends
b. work-group cliques
c. societies and churches
d. a and b only
According to Atchley, a personality type associated to retirement is
a. Rocking Chair
b. Self Hater
c. Mature
d. all of these
e. a and b only
Of the factores crucial to adequate retirement adjustment ____is the most difficult to maintain
a. income
b. health
c. relationships
d. status
According to the Sphere of an Individual's Social Involvement with retirement, the _____ group of associates declines while the _____ increases
a. primary; proxiamte and secondary
b. proximate; primary and secondary
c. secondary; proximate and primary
d. confidant; significant other and secondary
The elderly migration pattern of nonmetropolitan to metropolitan relocation is
a. not in existence, elderly always move out of the cities
b. undesirable and made under stress (e.g. death of spouse)
c. usually involves moving to concrete housing or somewhere with easily accessible services
d. b and c
Older persons are found in disproportionate amounts in
a. large urban communities
b. small towns
c. a and b
d suburbs
In America, the older one becomes
a. the less actual dollars they spend on housing
b. frequently their housing becomes less desirable
c. the less chance they have of staying in their own home
d. the greater the percentage of their income is spent on housing.
e. all of the above
Elderly moving in with their childre
a. occurs at about the same rate as it did 50 years ago
b. is on the rise
c. is on the decline in the modern world
d. is likely to be replaced by children moving back in with their parents
The first stage of grief (Kubler-Ross) is
a. shock
b. long and intense suffering
c. disenchantment
d. denial
In contrast to death with dignity, mercy killings
a. allows for the death to proceed naturally
b. actively hastens the death
c. allows for the sacrifice of those not "socially useful"
d. all of the above
In this country, most older Americans
a. are for death selection
b. fear death over illness
c. are against euthanasia
d. all of the above,
e. are for euthanasia
Which of the following is true regarding hospices
a. they stress pain control and management
b. they want the family to be involved with the patient throughout the dying process.
c. they belive that decisions regarding the ill should be made by both the patient and their family
d. all of the above
Who is the most likely to commit suicide
a. older single female
b. older single male
c. older married female,
d. older married male
Which of the following illustrates the bargaining stage of death
a. There must be some mistake
b. IF you would just take me home, Ill do everything you ask
c. You are an incompetent doctor and your diagnosis is wrong
d. All of the above
According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's theory, a feeling of loss is best characterized by the ______ stage.
a. depression
b. bargaining
c. anger
d. shock
About what percent of the elderly reside in nursing homes?
a. 5
b. 10
c. 15
d. 20
Functional age in older adults can be assessed by
a. pulse rate
b. adaptation
c. senescence
d. all of the above
e. reaction time
The most effective way to counter aging effects on the body is
a. napping to make up for fragmented sleep at night
b. sleeping more at night
c. exercise
d. good nutrition
e. to stop smoking
The single best indicator of physical health is:
a. cholesterol level
b. Pulse rate
c. blood pressure
d. vital capacity
Fat accumulated in the aged is typically located in
a. the buttocks
b. the back and arms
c. the thighs
d. the abdomen and trunk
The first federal legislation to address the nees of the aged was the
a. Townsend Act
b. Social Security
c. Medicare
d. Retired Senior Volunteer Program
The _______ federal program requires a means test.
a. Supplemental Security Program
b. Medicare Program
c. Social Security Program
d. all of the above
Age 26 is the best age to finish school. The is an example of
a. a biological clock
b. a social clock
c. a mid-life transition
d. a cultural requirement
Arteriosclerosis may reslut in
a. kidney damage
b. glaucoma
c. brain damage
d. congestive heart failure
Mr. B. is having a difficult time breathing. He. is also very tired. The Dr. he visits finds that there is fluid in his lungs. Mr. B could be suffering from
a. ischemic heart disease
b. pulmonary thrombosis
c. congestive heart failure
d. none of the above
Vital capacity is
a. the total fitness of an elderly individual
b. the functional age of an individual
c. the volume of air inhaled in a breath
d. the pulse rate divided by the blood pressure
__________ is the average age of menopause for women
a. 40
b. 45
c. 50
d. 55
Since menopause. Betty's experienced dryness in her vagina and finds intercourse painful. Betty probably has
a. dyspareunia
b. a climacteric
c. overactive adrenal glands
d. hormone replacement therapy
The loss of the len's ability to accommadate is
a. nearsightedness
b. farsightedness
c. flaucoma
d. macular degeneration
The ______ tates declines fastest (that is it may be lost) with age
a. salty and sour
b. bitter and sour
c. sweet and salty
d. sweet and sour
Fluid intelligence
a. is unlike crystallized in that it reflects no age rated effects
b. is dependent on the environment
c. may peak early in life (puberty)
d. b and c.
Fatigue, weakness, inability to concentrate due to decreased testosterone livels in a man 65+ may indicate
a. male menopause
c. the climacteric
c. a and b
d. normal aging processes for a majority of men
Fifty-ish Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones ocntinue to have lucrative careers as rock stars, roles society would not consider typical of their age. In this respect, they would be considered to have a young _____________ age
a. psychological
b. sociological
c. physical
d. chronological
Which of the following may be used to define Gerontology?
a. a professional field consisting of many disciplines
b. the study of aging as a part of normal development
c. a and b
d. the medical study of diseases and problems of old age
e. a, b, and d
Your "true age" as indicated by the number of years you have lived, is also known as
a. functional age
b Biologial age
c. Chronological age
d. b and c
e sociological age
Mrs. C. is 75 years old. Recently poor cardiac health has prevented her from maintaining her usually active lifestyle. Mrs C. finds herself often at home alone, isolated, and experiencing depression. This is an example of how a _________ problem can lead to _____ problems
a. biological; social and emotional
b. psychological; social and emotional
c. psychological; depression
d. isolation; biological and emotional
e. none of the above
"All old people are alike", teeny-bopper Julie says to her young friend Michael. Michael replies, "yeah, they're all useless - who needs thema nd what are they good for?" This conversation is an example of
a. Ageism
b. Stereotyping
c. Social Functionalism
d. all of these
e. a and b only
The mutual activity where an individual gradually withdraws from society at the same rate society pushes the individual out of his/her current role is known as
a. Activity-Disactivity Theory
b. Cohort Effect
c. The Retirement Syndrome
d. Disengagement Theory
Life satisfaction, according to Activity Theory and/or Disengagement Theory, may be related to
a. a gradual withdrawal from society
b. activity and involvement level
c. personality style
d. all of the above
e. none of the above
Statistically speaking, ______ are more likely to experience depression and social isolation
a. men
b. women
c. unmarried individuals
d. a and c
e. b and c
Life expectancy increased during the 1900-1950 period because
a. more people lived to reach age 65
b. fewer younger aged individuals died
c. more individuals lived longer once they reached age 65
d. all of the above
e. a and b only
Who is least dissatisfied with their lives?
a. older males living alone
b. older males living with someone other than a spouse
c. older females living alone
d. older married couples
Which of the following is least likely to happen?
a. the black elderly population will quadruple in the future
b. an elderly female widow will remarry
c. the Hispanic elderly population will triple
d. a male will more likely die than a female for a given age
Which of the following may be used to determine the dependency ratio?
a. Internal Revenue Service Tax Form
b. individuals in the working force and those out of the working force
c. retirement-aged/under 15 years individuals and working-aged individuals
d. all of the above are used
e. b and c only
"Make no mistake" says the ninety-five-year-old resident of a private nursing home, "we are all poor here". These words could be used to illustrate
a. Exchange theory
b. Double jeopardy
c. "age as a leveler"
d. New ageism
The majority of elderly whites
a. own their own homes
b. have completed high school
c. are males
d. all of the above are true
e. a and be are true
Throughout the history of different cultres, older individuals appear to have been
a. universally worshipped
b. sometimes worshiped, sometimes fed to the dogs
c. universally despised because they are a burden
d. none of the above
Demographic transition is concerned with
a. how population growth is related to culture
b. the transition of a culture from agricultural to industrial
c. the percentage of old, young, and middle aged in a culture as that culture becomes progressvely more modern
d. three distinct stages or patterns of a culture's economic base and population changes.
e. all of the above
Which of the following variables contribute to high status for elderly individuals in a society
a. Industrialization
b. Patriarchal, extended family type
c. Nuclear family type
d. a and c, only
Of all the characteristics of senescence, _________ makes it he most difficult to study
a. limited interest by the public
b. limited funds available for research
c. the fact that aging is highly variable, both across individuals and within the biological/mental systems of one individual
d. a and b only
Which of the following most supports Disengagement Therory?
a. Collagen Therory
b. Wear and Tear Theory
c. Programmed Aging
d. Declining Energy Theory
The ______ are to "Use it or lose it" as "use it and use it up" is to _____ theory
a. Wear-and-tear; Fixed amount of time
b. Benefits of exercisse; Fixed amount of time
c. Collagen; Wear-and-tear
d. Declining energy; Collagen
The elderly are most likely to die from
a chronic conditions
b. stroke
c. heart disease
d. none of these
e. all of these
All of the following involve errors, mutations, or damage of DNA except
a. Error Catastrophe
b. Genetic Switching
c. Mutation Theory
d. all of the above
Regarding intelligence and the elderly, Birren found that intelligence
a. decreases with age
b. remains stable over age
c. delcines precipitously with declining health
d. b and c
A change in the location of the lights in the standard red, yellow, green traffic signal may cause more accidents for elderly vs young drivers because
a. the reaction times are slower for elderly drivers
b. visual acuity delcines with age
c. clasical conditiong is slower to occur in the elderly
d. all of the above
Who holds the most negative attitudes about older Americans
a, old people
b. children
c. unmarried men over thirty
d. married women under thirty
e. a and b
Statistically, because women outlive men ___ years and tend to marry men ___ years older than them, they can expect to spend 9 1/2 years as a widow
a. 7; 2 1/2
b. 5; 4 1/2
c. 2 1/2; 7
d. 4; 5 1/2
The working class as compared to the middle class appears to have _____ and _____ regarding their life space
a. lower numbers of social contacts; severe role loss
b. higher numbers of social contacts; moderate role loss
c. higher numbers of social contacts; are no different
d. lower numbers of social contacts; moderate role loss
A particular individual has to care for elderly parents. This individual is most likely to be
a. middle-aged
b. lower class
c. female
d. all of the above
e. a and c only
Ailing health of one spouse may lead to the following "ideal type" of marriage according to Medley
a. Husband-wife
b. Parent-child
c. Nurse-patient
d. Associate
According to Kimmel, the principal limitation on sexual activity for elderly females is
a. male attrition
b. Victorian attitudes
c. Health
d. all of the above