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By 2030 older adults will comprise
20% of population
who is the fastest growing population
oldest old 85+
Women or men or predominantly elderly
women over 65 outnumber men
3 to 2
over 85 women outnumber men
5 to 2
In 2030 the minorities will comprise
25% of the elderly population
chronicity in the elderly is
probable and in 1992 half of them had 1 that limits their ability to carry out activites
three leading causes of death are
heart disease-cancer-stroke
young old is what age
old is what age
prejudice or discrimination against a certain age group and especially the elderly
what percentage of elderly live in a nursing home
what percentage of elderly claim to have a disability
learning institutions are not flexible concerning older adults-true or false
genetic biological aging theory of aging
inherited gene pool
wear and tear theory
free radical insult
Environment theory of aging
increasing exposure to hazards
Immunity theory of aging
integrity of immune system to fight back
Neuroendocrine theory
over or under production of hormones
Maturation across lifespan
theory of developmental tasks of aging
Disengagement theory
aging people withdraw from customary roles and engage in more introspective self focused activities
Activity theory
the continuation of activities in middle age as vital for successful aging
Continuity/developmental theory
personality remains the same and behavior becomes more predictable as people age
realities to encounter.....
fill in the blank in the following
decrease health and ------ strength
Retirement fixed or ----- income
death of a
realization of self as an ----- person
maintaining ----- living arrangements
redefining relationships with ----- -----
adult children
finding ways to maintain ------ ------
quality life
general survey of pysiological changes
wrinkles-gray hair-loss of mass in extremeties-increase in body mass in trunk
decreased cardio output
less contractile strength of myocardium
peripheral pulses are weaker in the
lower extremities but still palpable
acute confusion that is normally reversible from physiological causes
generalized impairment of intellectual functioning and gradual-progressive- irreversible- cerebral dsyfuction
Which two factors contribute to the projected increase in the number of older adults?
Aging of the baby boom generation and the growth of the population segment over age 85
Older adults are at increased risk for drug toxicity because they:
A decreased number of functioning nephrons and decreased glomerular filtration rate in older adults place them at greater risk for drug toxicity for drugs excreted through the renal system. The biological half-life is extended