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Serious strain of E.coli( Escherichia Coli)is what strain????
Agent of Botulism???
Clostridium botulinum A gram=positive anaerobic bacillus--spore forming
exotoxin botulism????
toxin so powerful that one pint could eliminate the entire world pop.produced from by clostridium botulinum-----spores are in fish birds and barnyard animal feces
symptoms of botulism????
Flaccid paralysis==blurred speech,slurred vision,diffaculty swallowing and breathing,

inhibits release of acetylcholine into nerve and muscle junctions.
treatment for botulism???
antitoxin must be administered to neutralize toxin.resp. help also
no of cases of botulism in US is______and percent of death is ______
about 75 to 100

How can botulism be avoided
heating foods to 90degrees centigrade for 10 minutes destroys
does botulism give food a bad taste
the meaning of heat labile
toxin destroyed by heat
Symptoms of botulism
18- 36 hours
blurred vision
slurred speech
respiratory failure in 1-2 days
Must antitoxin theropy for botulism be type-specific
Yes and there are seven types types ab and e cause most human disease types
what is fodder disease???
botulism in cattle
what is limberneck???
botulism in in fowl
wound botulism
clostridium botulinum in wounds
infant botulism is what???
May cause SIDS
Agent of staphylococcus food poisoning is what and give description
staphylococcus aureus---Gram positive aerobic
what kind of toxin does staphyococcus aureus make??
exotoxin-- enterotoxin(intestines)
Is staphylococcus food poisoning destroyed by heat???
No it is heat stabile
Characteristics of staphylococcus food poisoning and where does it come from??
No unusual taste
grows between 8*and 45* C
found in noses and boils
incubation period 1-6 hours
Name the agent in clostridial food poisoning.
Clostridium perfringens
G + anaerobic spore forming bacillus
What types of foods does clostridium perfringes prefer???
high protein foods
What are the symptoms of clostridial food poisoning??
8-14 hours( Staphylococcus food poisoning is 1-6 hours)
symptoms over in 24 Hours
Give the agent of Salmonellosis and tell characteristics
salmonella typhimuriam is a common serotype --Hundreds of serotypes-- all are gram -- rods(bacillus)
Symptoms of Salmonellosis and how isolated
Incubation is 1-3 days
diarrhea symp. last 7 days or more
stool sample iso.
Where is salmonellosis found???
chickens and eggs easter ducks and turtles
Why are poultry suseptible to salmonellosis???
some caged birds do not have the normal gut bacteria
What is one of the major causes of infantile diarrhea
Escherchia coli
Give agent of E. coli diarrheas and characterize
Escherchia coli ---and it is gram negative rod
some are enteroinvasive
definition of enteroinvasive???
penetrate intestinal epithelium
Symptoms of e.coli(escherichia coli)
Bloody diarreheas
hemorrhagic colitis is what??
hemolytic uremic syndrome???
When e.coli confined to large intestine
when e. coli invovles kidney failure
Treatment for E.coli ???
fluid replacement
E.coli found in ground meats and vegetables??TRUE or false
What is agent for Listeriosis??
Listeria monocytogenes--Gram positive rod small
Where is Listeria monocytogenes found???
Found in soil and barnyardsand transmitted by contact with soil and consuming animal foods.
What are some diseases of Listeriosis???
Listeric meningitis( headache ,stiff neck, delerium,coma
Blood disease increases monocytes
What is mortality rate of listeriosis???
What is the treatment for listeriosis
Long term tetracycline
Where is listeriosis found in???
Cheeses and ground meats
psychotropic (can grow in frig.)