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What are the Emergency
Action Steps
Check (Scene, Victim) Call Care
What can you do to Check?
Is the Scence Safe?
What Happened?
How many Victims are there?
Are bystanders available to help?
True Or False
You should approach a victime if the scene is unsafe?
False, go to a safe place and call 9-1-1
If the Victim is Conscious and apears to have no life-threatening conditions...
Introduce yourself and interview the victim and any bystander to see what hppened.
What are the Four Conditions considered life threatening in an emergency?
1. Unconscious
2. No breathing or trouble breathing
3.No "Signs" of circulation
4. Severe Bleeding
As a citizen responder your top priority is to do what?
That the victim recieves advandced care ASAP.
When to call..
Is unconcious or has an altered level of consciouness
Trouble breathing
Chest discomfort for more than 3 to five minutes
severe bleeding
pressure pain in ab, which does nto go away.
vomiting passing blooding
seizure and pregnant
seizure and diabetic
severe headache slurred speach
Injuries to the head neck or back
broken bones

Fire explosion
Poisonous gas
Downed Electrical wires
swiftly moving or rapidly raising water.
If you are alone
you shoudl Call First if.
unconscious adult victim age 8 or older
unconscious infant or child known to be at a high risk for heart problems,
likely to be cardiac emergencies.
If you are alone you should
Call Fast if..
An unconscious victim under 8
submersion or near drowning
trauma induced /cardiac
victim of a drug overdose.

(Related to breathing emergencies)
Care for the victim by doing what?
Life threatening before non life threatening.

Check Call Care Check