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Where do you find out how to solo a seat?
PCM 000 WP 5
What MMP code is displayed when your tail hook needs to be serviced?
You just recivered your jet and your 71 panel has a loose fastener. Do you tighten it with your flat head?
No, you need a torque bit.
Where do you locate all your hand signals?
NAVAIR 80-T-113
What do you do if you are manning up your jet and the jet next to you catches in fire?
Stand by your jet in case they need to move it and need a brake rider.
What are the proper procedures if you find the ejection seat safe/arm lever in the armed position after the pilot shuts down and exits the aircraft?
Stay with the aircraft, keep clear of the cockpit and notify maintenance control. They will send an AME to safe the seat.
During aircraft re-fueling procedures, a satisfactory pre-check requires what PSI?
20 psi.
How many grounding points are there on an F/A-18 without wing pylons or external drop tanks?
How many fuel sample drain points are there with one external drop tank installed?
What is the thermal fuse plug?
A device in the MLG wheel that deflates the tire if it overheats.
What do you look for when checking the HUD/ Horizontal indicator?
HUD dessicant for serviceable condition (blue), and HUD combiner glass for security and cleanliness.
What do you do when refueling pre-check does not stop fueling within approx 45 seconds?
Stop fueling and notify maint. control (via the pit man).
As per the A1-F18AE-MRC100/200, what positions should the cockpit switches be in?
THe canopy should not be operated using the battery when ambient temp is below how many degrees?
0 degrees F
How many hours do you allow the engines to cool prior to installing covers when the ambient temperature is below 20 degrees F?
2 hours to prevent condensation from forming and freezing in engine air inlets.
What are the maximum refueling pressures?
55 psi
What is the purpose of the winf fold safety pin?
To remove electrical power from the drive motors, preventing accidental wing fold operation.
What oil type is used to service engines on an F/A-18?
MIL-PRF-23699 or MIL-L-7808
What is the mil spec number for hydraulic fluid?
What is the mil spec number for JP5?
How do you remove snow from and F/A-18?
Hold one or two corners of a clean, lint free cloth and carefully beat the remainder of cloth against the surface until the snow is removed.
What are the mil spec numbers for de-icing fluids used on an F/A-18 Hornet?
MIL-A-8243 Type II
(A1-F18AC-PCM-000, WP 007).
Are there brakes on the NLG of an F/A-18?
If all the foam in a wing tank has been replaced; the first fueling pressure shall not exceed what PSI?
25 psi
What does the MMP code 881 stand for?
utility battery/unit charger failure
The AMAD total system fluid capacity, brand new and refill is what?
New - 114 ounces
Refill - 92 ounces
What is the proper tail hook pressure?
300-500 psi
What are the three wet stations on an F/A-18?
What is the safe distance from a "hot wheel"?
300 ft
What door is the LOX bottle located behind?
How many hoise points are there on an F/A-18C/D?
What is the minimum battery voltage?
23.5 volts
What is the ram dump switch for?
To dump the air out of the cockpit in case of smoke.
What do you need to check the fuel load on an F/A-18 A/B?
NC-10 or 108
When must a tire pressure gauge be calibrated?
When it is dropped from 12" off the ground or if the calibration sticker is removed.
What is the emergency oxygen supply in the seat pan suposed to be at?
1800 psi
What does OBOGS stand for?
On Board Oxygen Generating System.
How many pitot static moisture traps are there and what do you do to them during a daily? Where are they located?
5, drain them with a flat head, Door 3
Why is the launch bare counter plate removed from the jet?
It could easily come off and become FOD because it is forward of the intake.
If a hazardous condition exists in the work place or a certain practice is hazardous what system could be used to notify the right people without fear of reprisal?
Any mouse boxes located in maint, and in front of the geedunk, also in fromt of the COs office.
What is a special inspection?
An inspection based on calendar days.
What is the NATO codes for the following? JP-4, JP-5, JP-8.
JP-4 = F-40
JP-5 = F-44
JP-8 = F-34
What position should the Cabin Pressure Switch be in?
Name all of the tools in a plane captain tool pouch.
Flashlight, flathead, Philips head, pen, 3/8" breaker bar, T-handle, MRC-100.
If you locate any fasteners missing in front of the intake what do you do?
Notify Roman or someone with a radio immediately so they can let maint know.
Who wears a brown jersey with a green cranial on the boat?
The line LPO.
What is the minimum emergency/brake APU accumulator for pressure for launching?
2900 psi.
Where are the delta ps that we deal with located?
3 in each MLG door
1 in door 54L/R
2 in door 65L/R
2 in door 69L/R
1 in APU
Where are the tie downs located?
2 in NLG
6 in MLG (3 each)
2 in wing (1 each)
1 in tailhook
1 underneath fuselage above drop tank
What does TFOA stand for?
Things Falling Off Aircraft
What are the 5 steps of ORM
Identify hazards
Assess hazards
Make risk decisions
Implement controls
What publication has your MMP codes in it?
FRM-000 WP 003
What publication deals with corrosion?
Navair 01-1A-509
What position does the antiskid need to be on ashore and afloat?
Ashore - ON
Afloat - OFF
Whose signatures are required on the "A" sheet?
PC, Maint, Cntrl, AO, and Pilot
How long after the engines shut down do you have to service the engines?
AMAD - 30 minutes
Engines - 1 hour
VEN - any time
What codes prevent a jet from going through the pits?
Where is door 3 located?
Underneath the nose of the jet.
What chemical do you use to de-ice the canopy?
Isopropyl alcohol
Which manual contains data reuired by line maintenance personnel for emergency procedures?
What is the allotted time for a turnaround and daily inspection?
turnaround - 30 min
daily - 1 hour
NOTES describe or clarify conditions or procedures. True or false?
CAUTIONS describe what type of condition?
Ones which could result in damage to equipment
WARNINGS describe what sort of condition?
Ones which could result in serious injury or death.
Complete sets of data or procedures are referred to as...
Work Packages
What do you do if you are crossing the landing area and you drop something?
Do not stop. Alert the AGO.
You are diving the ducts after your jet is recovered and you notice a nicked fan blade and some FOD. What do you do?
Notify a troubleshooter. Do not remove any FOD.
What is the legal limit on IGV movement in the intake?
1/8 inch.
How is AFFF identified on the boat?
Green background with white letters.
How is CO2 identified on the boat?
Red background and white letters.
How is salt water identified on the boat?
Red background and yellow W.
What colors are around elevators, JBDs, deck walls, and weapons elevators?
Red and yellow.
What is the proper flight deck uniform?
Cranial fastened with goggles down, sleeves rolled down, float coat on and secured.