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Validating COSAL
Every 2-3 years download everything & validating during ILO. Reconciliate what is sorted and what is not.
Updating COSAL
Modifications, additions, and deletions.
Automated Shore Interface/Revised Alternative Data flow (ASI/RAD)
Receive monthly from NAVSEA in a sequence numbered tape. Provides updates, configurations, a report update. Tells what is missing at the end of each month.
For exchange basis only. Advice code is 5g.
Turned into Supply when new item is in place. (Advice code 5S) DLR items reflect 2 prices, 1 is Standard Price and 1 is Net Unit Price.
Remain in Place (RIP)
Usually DLR’s.
Used for troubleshooting only. If for permanent use must be approved by CO.
Maintenance Assist Modules (MAMs)
Bulky items that are stored in the actual spaces that they will be used.
Bulkhead ready spares
Database to assist force commanders by providing TOTAL ASSETS of Battle group.
Battle Group Asset Management System (BAMS)
Parts and parts repair consumables required for maintenance of equipment. Y series for repair parts.
Equipment Maintenance Related Material (EMRM)
Basis for annual financial management plan. Distribution of money.
Departmental budget
Database managed by NAVSEALOGCEN.
Consolidated Residual Asset Management System Inventory (CRAMSI)
Contains number fed, cost, and breakdown of costs.
Monthly foodservice report (Form 1357).
Compilation of 3 1357’s. Efficiency is determined by Navy Food Service System Office (NFSSO).
Quarterly foodservice report (Form 1358).
Marines will eat C-rats. When the ship is in battle quarters, the mess decks will deliver “battle messing” to the GQ stations.
State what kind of rations are utilized during battle stations when the galley or galley personnel are not available.