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Who has hightest suicide rate
What would an object relations therapist like Framo be concerned with in the 3rd phase of tx
Working through multiple transferences
Def: Eigenvalue in factor analysis
The explained variance of noe of the factors
Vygotsky says what has the greatest impact on language development
Social Relationships
Hostile pre-schools who are agressive have what type of attachment
The elderly characterized on tv demonstrate what social characteristics
- more physically fit than the rest of the tv population
-health problems increase with age
-ratings of authority and esteem increase with age
What percentage of patients with ETOH dependence experience severe alcohol withdrawal
True or False

The Rorschach has very low validity
Ilgen has found what about organizations
They have increased use of teams while the amount of small group research has decreased
T or F

Violence in our schools is overstated by the media
The Stroop indicates loss of response inhibition where?
Frontal lobe
List some of the risk factors for child psychopath identified by Rutter
Severe marital discord
large family size
Decrements in recent long-term memory in adults is primarily due to problems with
Tiedman and O'Hare's Decision making career model is correlated with the developmental stages of
What drug is most often abused by teens
Most common dx for 18-44 yo inpatients
What factors are correlated with an increase risk for teen suicide
interpersonal conflict
exposure to suicidal behavior
Validation therapy involves a therapist who
Achnowledges and empathizes with the client's feeilngs whether or not they are reality based
True or False

Highter levels of IQ predict better therapy outcomes
Where is the "satisfaction center"
Cingulate Gyrus
Where would Pattersons coercive family interactive model say childen learn to be agressive
From their parents
Who did ERG theory
Alloy, Abramson, Metalsky de-emphasized what related to learned helplessness
The role of attributions
One of the highest correlations with smoking cessation outcome is
Level of dependence
General sx which may accompany the 3rd stage of Alzheimers
Apathy and emotional blunting
With Schizo, the risk of same dx in mono twin vs di twin is how much greater
2 1/2 times
Name the 3 levels in the levels-of-processing model of memory
When self-reference and levels-of-processing model are compared, which is most easily recalled
Sue and Sue propose minority groups are more likely to exhibit what type of world view
internal LOC and External LOR
Hollands vocational theory has been criticized in terms of usefullness for minorities because
It doesn't take into account the impact of discrimination.
Which WAIS subtest measures working memory
Loss of sensation to the fingers of the left hand may result from damage to where?
Postcentral gyrus
Prosopagnosia results from damage to the
bilateral occipitotemporal area
What is the most effective tx for smoking
NRT and social support

(or CBT)
The difference between transsexuals and transvestites is:
Transsexuals want to change gender, transvestites don't
What is the difference between male and female leadership styles?
Women more participatory, men more autocratic
Cross-validation is necessary to
determine how much of the original variability in a validity coefficient is due to error
List 3 substances where delirium may occurdue to intoxication
cocaine, cannabis, LSD
True/ False

Antidepressant meds and CBT are equally effective in treating depression
List several of the symptoms of Gertsmann's Syndrom
Acalculia, agraphia, left/right confusion, finger agnosisa
To determine whether the doctrin of comparable worth is lived up to in an organization, one would rely on
job evaluation
When do fee arrangements need to be made
If a child is exposed to a stimulus and grandually becomes less interested, this is
Cooperative learning in the classroom is beneficial for
all children
Most complaints against supervisors by supervisees have to do with
lack of feedback
What is Equity Theory
Workers compare their input/outcome ratio to those of other workers. If inequitable, person with be motivated to restore equity by adjusting input, attempting to change outcome, or altering evaluation of the ratio
An out of body experience is an example of
How does Asian culture view mental illness
It brings shame upon the family
Differential diagnosis b/w Schzoid PD and Avoidant PD is based on
fear of rejection
Based on Beck, treatment of Panic Disorder involves what?
Identifying and modifying teh client's interpretation of panic attacks and assoc sx
In principle components analysis, an eigenvalue indicates
amount of variability in a group of ariables accounted for by an independent statistical component
Organization development is most likely to be effective when
there is special concern for the input of employees
Percentile rank is a norm-referenced and/or standard score
Norm referenced but not standard
Observer drift is controlled by
alternating raters on a periodic basis
Which part of the brain do sensory afferent nerves run

Pass-fail scores are criterion-referenced score
An advantage of using a MANOVA over multiple one-way ANOVAs is that
Manova reduces experiment wise error rate
According to Kohlbergs theory of moral development, individuals who reach stage 5 base their moral judgement on
democratic laws
If a co-worker refuses to report ongoing child abuse, you should
report the abuse and the coworkers name
A homeless, unemloyed AA man is depressed and feels he is the victim of oppression. Derald Sue would say he has
External LOC and external LOR
A therapist using Network Therapy with a NA client woud act primarily as a
Regarding treatment of miagraine headaches, what is true about autogenic training/relaxation training and thermal biofeedback
Biofeedback is as effective as relaxation training, and while the combo of thermal and autogenic is considered effective, the combo is not superior to either alone
To avoid the effects of social loafing, a supervisor should
Make jobs more challenging
Collaborative empiricism is associated with
Aaron Beck
Muscle rigidity, tachycardia, sweating, hyperthermia, and altered consciousness are symtoms of
Neuroleptic Malignant syndrome
Symptoms characteristic of benzo withdrawal include
anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and hallucinations
A depressed middle aged white male is at highest risk for suicide if he has been
divorced one year, has somatic complaints, and constriction of affect
What is true about the treatmetn of functional enuresis
moisture alarms are more effective than imipramine in teh long term