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What did Griggs vs. Duke Power Company Establish?
A court case (1971) impacting testing in the workplace -- measures of broad abilities cannot be used to make decisions for hiring and promotion
What is Adverse Impact?
occurs when the percentage of minority applicants selected for a particular job is less than 4/5ths of the percentage of non-minority applicants who are selected for the same job
What is unfairness?
Occurs when minorities and non-minorities score differently on a predictor test yet perform the same on the criterion (graphically, looks like two parallel lines)
What is differential validity?
When a test is more valid for predicting performance for one sub-group than it is for another -- rarely a problem.
What is a job analysis?
specific component tasks performed by workers on a particular job (i.e. tools, equipment, education & training needed, wages etc..)
What is a job evaluation?
A formal analysis of what a specific job is financially worth to an organization
What is the critical incident technique?
this term refers to outlining/defining the specific actions that lead to desirable and undesirable consequences on the job
What is the standard application, the weighted application blank, and the biographical inventory (BIB)
Three ways of gather biographical info (1) most common type of application (fill in the blanks) (2) another fill-in-the blanks, but variables are assigned weights that affect the hiring process (3) more detailed biographical information, specifically correlated with desirable/undesirable work beahviors
What are the pros and cons of BIBS?
BIBs are good predictors of job success & turnover! But costly and time consuming to develop
What employee selection method has the WORST criterion related validity?
What can be done to improve the validity of interviews?
Structure them, ahve multiple interviewers and train interveiwers to reduce biases
What are some major interviewer biases?
first impression, negative information, the contrast effect, interviewer prejudices
What is the first impression bias?
The term for the tendency of the interviewer to be swayed by their initial impression of a candidate
What is negative information bias?
the tendency for one or two negative pieces of information to negate strenths or accomplishments
What is the contrast effect?
the tendency for a interviewer to rate someone more positively if they are interviewed just after an underqualified person (and vice versa)
What is the Halo effect?
generalizing from one characteristic about a person in a positive or negative direction
What techniques are used in the Assessment Center?
In-box technique and Leaderless group discussion