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Conjunctive Adverb
Accordingly, However, Consequently, Indeed, Still, etc.
Coordinating Conjunction
For And Nor But Or Yet So
A group of words with a subject-verb combination; sometimes but not always expresses a complete thought.
Independent Clause
Complete idea (almost always S || V)
Dependent Clause
Modifies a unit in another clause; does not communicate a complete thought.
Ex. Where will you find the person **who will take the director's place?**
A list of parallel items (red, white, blue)
Group of words which cannot stand alone
A group of words containing at least one subject-verb combination which can stand alone; always expresses a complete thought.
same form and function
Balanced Paris
Series of paired words in which the pairs are parallel
Compound Sentence: semicolon, no conjunction
S-V; S-V.
Ex. Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan."
Compound Sentence: semicolon, conjunctive adverb
S-V; conj. adv. S-V.
Ex. This gadget won’t work; therefore there is no sense in buying it.
Comp. Sent.: coordinating conjunction—semicolon combo
S-V; S-V, conj. S-V
Ex. It was radical; it was daring, but mostly it was cheap.
Compound Sentence: variations on a parallel theme
S-V; S-V; S-V.
North bid one club; East passed; South bid one spade; West doubled.
Comp. Sent.: general statement w/ explanatory statement
S-V: S-V.
Ex. One factor is often missing from modern labor: pleasure in work. (THINK of a COLON as an ARROW POINTING to what FOLLOWS IT.)
Series without a conjunction
A, B, C
Ex. Government of the people, by the people, for the people
Series w/ a variation (SP4 but replacing commas with conj)
A conj. B conj. C
Ex. Red or white or blue
Series of balanced pairs
A conj. B, C conj. D, E conj. F
Coffee and tea, bacon and eggs, sausage and biscuts.