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What stimulates the urge to go?
Relaxation on internal sphincter
what muscles contract to expel feces?
abdominal muscles
what is vasalve maneuver?
the voluntary contraction of abdominal muscles while maintaining forced expiration against a closed airway
Do fluids prevent/promote constipation?
physical activity increases/decreases peristalsis
Psychological Factors
STRESS-- constipation or diarrhea
DEPRESSION-- constipation
Personal Habits
time of day, location, environmental distractions
lying in bed on a bedpan is not normal
pain does what to normal elimination?
inhibits it.
pregnancy can lead to...?
promote peristalsis
depress peristalsis
Constipation Prevention includes: (4 things)
1. increased dietary fiber
2. increased fluid intake
3. moderate exercise
4. elimination of laxative use
what is an enema?
a solution inserted into the rectum and sigmoid colon to treat constipation or empty bowel before diagnostic procedure or abdominal surgery
What would be some contraindications for enemas?
bowel obstruction, inflammation, infection of the abdomen, and recent rectal or anal surgery
Enema solution should be: (warm or cold when administering?)
warm -- NOT COLD --if solution is too cool, it will cause spasms
Constipation occurs from:
immobility, surgery, medications, or neurologic deficits
Removing fecal impaction is performed when the feces:
is hard, and unable to pass through anus.
-- will be uncomfortable
has to be manually removed
when finished removing fecal impaction, check for:
rectal bleeding or slowed heart rate
Use a rectal tube to:
1. manage flatulence following abdominal surgery
2. reduce abdominal distention due to flatulence
3. control unmanageable diarrhea to prevent skin breakdown
What is a bowel diversion?
special interventions to create an opening in abdominal wall for elimination
Return flow enema:
put 100 - 200 ml in, and then let it back out and hopefully gas will come with it.
guiac test/fecal occult blood test
detects microscopic amounts of blood in stool
-used in diagnosing gastric or intestinal irritation, GI bleed, upper GI ulcers and colon cancer
black, "tarry" stool