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institutional review board (IRB)
a group of individuals who are authorized by an instititution to determine whether research studies by colleagues affiliated with the institution comply with institutional regulations, professional standards of conduct and practice, and - most critically - the human-subjects provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations for the Protection of Human Subjects
risk-benefit ratio
the balance between how much risk the participants will be exposed to and how much good is likely to result from the study
the act of creating a false impression in the minds of research participants thorough such procedures as withholding information, establishing false intimacy, telling lies, or using accomplices
the researcher must convince everyone who was deceived during a research study that they were in fact deceived
a process of convincing participants of the deception and thus removing its undesirable effects
partial publication
involves disseminating research results in the "least publishable unit" rather than as a coherent whole
dual publication
involves publishing the same research results in more than one publication
the direct lifting of other's words for use in one's own publications
involves close copying of another writer's words or ideas, for example, extended paraphrases of another's words, one-to-one correspondence in the expression of ideas, and structuaral simularities in writing