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access control
Mechanism that determines who can
legitimately use a network resource.
active tokens
Small, stand-alone electronic devices that
generate one-time passwords used in a two-factor
authentication system.
ad management
Methodology and software that enable
organizations to perform a variety of activities involved
in Web advertising (e.g., tracking viewers, rotating ads).
ad views
The number of times users call up a page that has
a banner on it during a specific time period; known as
impressions or page views.
Address Verification System (AVS)
Detects fraud by
comparing the address entered on a Web page with the
address information on file with cardholder’s issuing bank.
Third-party vendors that conduct promotions,
especially large-scale ones.
advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems
that use algorithms to identify optimal solutions to
complex planning problems that are bound by constraints.
advertising networks
Specialized firms that offer customized
Web advertising, such as brokering ads and targeting
ads to select groups of consumers.
An advertisement “disguised” to look like editorial
content or general information.
affiliate marketing
An arrangement whereby a marketing
partner (a business, an organization, or even an individual)
refers consumers to the selling company’s Web site.
agency costs
Costs incurred in ensuring that the agent performs
tasks as expected (also called administrative costs).
An EC firm’s ability to capture, report, and quickly
respond to changes happening in the marketplace.
angel investor
A wealthy individual who contributes personal
funds and possibly expertise at the earliest stage of
business development.
application service provider (ASP)
An agent or vendor
who assembles the functions needed by enterprises
and packages them with outsourced development, operation,
maintenance, and other services.
application-level proxy
A firewall that permits requests
for Web pages to move from the public Internet to the
private network.
associated ad display (text links)
An advertising strategy
that displays a banner ad related to a term entered in
a search engine.
Web site features that attract and interact with
visitors in the target stakeholder group.
A competitive process in which a seller solicits
consecutive bids from buyers (forward auctions) or a
buyer solicits bids from sellers (backward auctions).
Prices are determined dynamically by the bids.
auction aggregators
Companies that use software agents
to visit Web auction sites, find information, and deliver it
to users.
auction vortals
Another name for a vertical auction portal.
The process of collecting information about
attempts to access particular resources, use particular
privileges, or perform other security actions.
The process by which one entity verifies
that another entity is who he, she, or it claims to be.
The process that ensures that a person has
the right to access certain resources. With regards to
credit or debit cards, the process of determining whether
a buyer’s card is active and whether the customer has sufficient
Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network
nationwide batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system
that provides for the interbank clearing of electronic
payments for participating financial institutions.
automatic crash notification (ACN)
Device that automatically
sends the police the location of a vehicle that
has been involved in a crash.
Automated e-mail reply systems (text
files returned via e-mail) that provide answers to commonly
asked questions.
Animated computer characters that exhibit humanlike
movements and behaviors.
average-cost curve (AVC)
Behavior of average costs as
quantity changes; generally, as quantity increases, average
costs decline.
B2B portals
Information portals for businesses.
back end
The activities that support online order-taking.
It includes fulfillment, inventory management, purchasing
from suppliers, payment processing, packaging, and