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Procainamide Hydrochloride

Antiarrhythmic (atrial and ventrical)
Procainamide Hydrochloride

IV Piggyback
Procainamide Hydrochloride

Dose (ADULT)
Adult: 20 mg/min IV piggyback (maximum total dose of 17mg/kg)

50 mg/min IV push in urgent situations (maximum total dose of 17 mg/kg).

STOP the medication when one of the following occurs:

Maximum dose is achieved (17 mg/kg or bag is empty)
Arrhythmia is suppressed
QRS widens by greater than 50 percent
Hypotension occurs
Procainamide Hydrochloride

Dose (Pediatric)
15 mg/kg IV piggyback over 30 to 60 minutes
Procainamide Hydrochloride

Drug Action
Depresses depolarization which slows automaticity and /or conduction veloity
Procainamide Hydrochloride

Stable V-tach
PSVT unresponsive to vegal maneuvers and adenosine (with stable B/P).
Stable wide-comples tachycardia of unknown origin
Pts. in wolff-parkinson-white syndrome with rapid a-fib
Procainamide Hydrochloride

for pts with acardiac or renal dysfunction, reduce maximal total dose to 12 mg/kg and maintenance infusion to 1 to 2 mg/min.

continually monitor QRS, PR and QT intervals for widening; Stop the druf if the QuS widens by more than 50 percent.

Use with caution with other drugs that cause QRS to widen.

Can create arrhythmias in the presence of AMI, hypokalemia, and hypomagnesemia
Procainamide Hydrochloride

Side Effects
Conduction delays which prolong the PR or QT intermals or widen the QRS
Heart Blocks
In overdoseage- CNS depresion, confusion, seizures, myalgia (muscle pain).
Procainamide Hydrochloride
Second and third degree blocks
Preexisting hypotension
Digitalis toxicity
Torsades de pointe ("twisting of the ECG")
Tricyclic antidepressang toxicity