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What are supplementary commands?
Oral orders given by a subordinate leader that reinforce and complement a commander's preparatory command to insure proper understanding and execution of movement.
Describe the position of attention?
Hells together and in line at a 45 degree angle, legs straight without locking the knees,, body erect with hips level, chest ligted and arched, shoulders spuare and even, arms straight without stiffness, along your side with back of hands pointing outward, fingers curled, thumbs touching first joint of the index finger, thumbs straight along the seam of the trouser leg, head erect, chin drawn to form an axis, look to the front.
What command is given to revoke an improperl given preparatory command?
As You Were.
When headquaarters personnel are formed as a seperate element of a formation, who are the platoon sergeant and platoon leader?
The senior NCO of that platoon and the Executive Officer.
What is executed on the command "Fifteen Count Manual Arms"?
From Order to Right Shoulder, to Left Shoulder to Present Arms to Order Arms.
How does a soldier leave formation?
Individual will come to the position of attention, take on 15 inch step backward, face to the nearest flank, march to the end of the nearest flank and when he is clear of the formation, double time to his post or assigned position.
If you are marching a platoon across a bridge, what command should be given?
Route Step March.
What are the only manuals of arms movements executed with the M203?
Present Arms, Port Arms and Inspection Arms.
What are the only commands used to dismiss armed troops?
1. Inspection Arms
2. Ready, Port, Arms
3. Order (Sling) Arms
4. Dismissed.
To change direction of march the preparatory commands are given on what foot?
Same foot as the desired direction, i.e. on the left foot for a column left.
What are the first commands given in the morning formation?
Fall In, and Receive the Report.
Which squad leader serves as guide in a column fromation?
The squad leader, fourth squad.
What is the proper method to render a salute when marching troops at a double time?
Only the individual in charge assumes a quick time march and renders a salute.
What is the position of the radio telephone operator in a platoon formation?
He will fall in as a left flank member even to the platoon formation.
When marching the command "Close Interval", is given on what foot?
The right foot.
What is the difference between "AT Ease March" and Route Step March"?
AT Ease March-you dont have to stay in step. Keep normal interval and distance and be silent.
Route Step March-- Same as above except troops can talk.
What is the length of a right or left step?
15 inches.
What is the key position assumed with the weapon, making the movement of one position (manual of arms) to another?
Port Arms
Describe the recommended components of an enlisted burial escort?
Bugler, Pallbearers (6), Firing Party (7), and a NCOIC.
How many volleys of rifle fire are there at a military funeral?
What is the name of the Army Song?
The Army Goes Rolling Along.
Who was Baron Von Steuben and what did he do?
He was a Prussian officer who fought with the colonies and initated the blue book which later became the FM 22-5 for drill and ceremony.
What is the official date the U.S. Army was Founded?
14 June 1775.