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What is homozygous
same two alleles Ex. BB
what is a phenotype
it is the phisicall appearance
what is heterozygous
an organism that has two different alleles for a trait
what is a genotype
genetic make-up of an organism for a trait
what is Punnet Square
a tool to predict offspring traits
what is dominant
a form of a trait that appears to to dominate or mask another form of the same trait
what is a sex-linked gene
an allele inherited on a sex chromosome
what does recessive mean
the form of a trait that seems to dissapear
what is genes
on the chromosome theat controlls the traits that are passed to offspring
what is DNA
Deoxidribonucleic Acid that is in the cells that stores information consists of strandswith molecules that control cell activities using coded instructions
what are chromosomes
thread like strands of DNA and protien in a cell nucleus that carry the code for cell charcteristics of an organism
_____ is double spiral molecule with pairs of nitrogen bases
RNA differs from DNA in that it contains _____
a cell with 24 chromosomes some undergoes meiosis, the sex cells produced will each have ____ chromosomes
name the five stages of mitosis
name the stairs of DNA and name wich go together
1) Guanine
2) Cytosine
3) Thymine
4) Adenine
there also all made up of nitrogen bases
During _____ in mitosis, doublestranded chromosomes seperate
Chromosomes are doubled during
The chromosome number in cells after mitosis is _____ the parent cell
the same as
Budding fission and rgeneration are froms of _____
asexual reproduction
______ is any permanent change ina gene or chromosome
Meiosis produces _____
sex cells
In the cell cycle most of th life of any cell is spent in ____
what is the differance between genes and chromosomes
the difference between genes and chromosomes is that the genes controll the traits the are carryed to the offspring and the chromosome carrys the code for the organism
what are the differance between offspring formed by sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction
the differences between offspring formed by sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction is the number of chromosomes is inherited differently
what do spindle fibers do during mitosis and meiosis
the centromeres are attached to the spindle fibers
in what cells do mitosis and meiosis take place
in sexual reproduction cells
why is more known about harmful mutations than benifcial ones
benificial mutations are not known as well as harmful ones because some have no affect on the organism
what does stand for RNA
Ribonnucliec acid
if one starnd of DNA had bases ordered ATCCGTC, what strand would be the bases of it's othere strand
_____ are located on chromosomes
color blindness results from and allele that is ____
on the x chromosome
The major job of genes is
to controll the traits