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Did 20 years of research before printing Bible
J. Gutenburg
"baby linen", period where 9 million books were printed
Life is more important
muslim scholars saved information for this
the center of printing
Mainz, Germany
illustrated and assisted in printing
produced Nuremburg Chronicles
Michael Wolgemut
first modern typeface, "king's roman"
Roman Du Roi
made the first modern typeface
Philippe Granjean
a philosophical approach to life in which human rather than religious studies were emphasized
flourish period, fancy flourishes in type
first to make type sizes standardized
Pierre Le Jeane
this engraving adapts to flourishes
gunsmith, started line weight changes, very easy to read
William Caslon/Caslon Old Style
process that makes paper smooth
altered thicks/thins more on typefaces, one of the first designers to do layouts, used wide margins
John Baskerville
got rid of "brackets"
Giambatista Bodoni
similar typeface to Bodoni
D. Didot
invented the stereotype
wood engraver, had delicate tonal effects
made steam engine
J. Watt
power shift to working class, terrible living conditions
Industrial Rev.
used dimensional type, outlines
V. Figgins
slab serif/Egyptian/Grotesque
designed the first sans serif type
Caslon IV
invented first steam press
invented curved stereotype
made a paper-making machine
Fourdrinier brothers
invented line-o-type machine
A Mergenthaler
first man to produce photo
J. Niepce
used photosensitive material to make pictograms, made first negatives, calotypes
viscous material you exposed on glass plate for negatives. used for 30 years
collodion process
less mucky process than collodion
gelatin emulsion
created the Kodak camera
G. Eastman
made a horse-in-motion photo series to prove a bet
oil/water, stacks of color on stones, made any type
promoter/printer, father of the Christmas Card
L. Prang
a period idealizing children, with large influence by Walter Krang, Randolph Caldecott, Kate Greenaway and more
Victorian Era
created a Bible with 1600 word engravings
Harper and Bros.
illustrated the first political cartoon
T. Nast
started the first ad agency
N.W. Ayer
reaction to the Victorian Age
Modern Arts and Crafts Movement
most influential person in the Modern Arts and Crafts movement
William Morris
thought art should be in service to society
J. Ruskin
created Century Guild
guild that elevated design to an art form
Century Guild
started Hobby Horse Magazine
Hobby Horse started by this press
excellence in all aspects of print design
private press
took old Jenson press, studied them, made "Golden" with them
famous press founded by W. Morris
1900 masterpiece made the Dove's Press Bible - caps extended all over paragraph
Dove's Press
untrained, unschooled, made 180 typefaces
most important book designer of the 20th Century, total design of books
Bruce Rogers
1890-1910 period, the bridge between Victorian Era and Modernism
Art Nouveau
stroke that characterized Art Nouveau
organic plant-like line
plus and minus of Art Nouveau
+ spirited
- decadent
how A.N. began
architecture with French Townhouse by Horta
Japanese design that influenced Blake
two famous ukiyo-e artists
Hokusai, Hiroshige
father of modern poster
page/poster designer
Eugene Grasset
bad kid of AN broke rules of Morris had "black spot"
went to clubs, influenced by Japanese, added symbolic shapes, only produced a few posters
socialist, depreciated poverty of the working class
popular Slavic artist, did work in AN his own way
Alphonse Mucha
made pattern books
reduced figures to organic shapes
Will Bradley
magazine of new art, influenced MacDonald
The Studio
group that formed and combined curved and rectangular forms
The Glasgow School/the 4
members of the 4
Charles Macintosh, McNair, the Macdonald sisters
art director and illustrator for Harpers Magazine
typographer that pushed type to near-illegible forms
took shapes like Mucha and made them into commercial art
used intense color and line
Germen art movement "youth style"
first industrial designer, created corporate identity, major force in modern design, first to use sans-serif type in books
Peter Behrens
illustrated "The House Beautiful", built houses from the inside out
showed floral shapes becoming lines, "Live and Form"
Walter Crane
founding member of the 4
Charles R Macintosh
influenced the 4, used medieval style figures
Jessie Marion King
designed the Red Letter Shakespeare Series, used lots of negative space
Talwin Morris
current climate of the art school was unwelcoming, this happened
Vienna Sucession
means "The Sacred Spring", magazine of the U.S., used different covers and image styles, explored imagery and type combinations
Ver Sacrum
Hoffman and Moser started this, produced work trying to top previous, continued Arts and Crafts movement
Vienna Workshop
first used of sans-serif type
"Celebration Of Life"
created the first family of typefaces
Berthold Foundry
influenced Behrens work, started with circle and sqaures
JLM Lauwricks
started in reaction to Industrial Revolution/machine age, inspired by Ruskin
Arts and Crafts Mvmt.
clarity to teaching by using geometry
groups with social/religious ties
led by Arthur Mackmurdo, fortold AN
Century Guild
first magazine to show arts
Hobby Horse
mvmt. dedicated to beautiful book design
private press
notable artist for Hobby Horse
Selwyn Image
president of Kelmscott press
Walter Crane
brought press to America
worked with Gutenburg-esque typefaces, made playful sans-serifs
student of Goudy, started AA Knoph press, first used graphic design as a term
William Dwiggins
redid Bodoni, Garamond, Jenson...
Morris Fuller Benton