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What is def. of cytoskeleton?
Complex netwrok of interconnected filaments & tubules extending thruout cytosol, from nucleus to inner surface of plasma mem.
What are some traits of cytoskeleton?
What are components of cytoskeleton?
Describe microfilaments.
Describe intermediate filaments.
What are accessory proteins?
What are techniques for studying cytoskeleton structure?
-Immunofluorescent microscopy
-Computer enhanced digital videomicroscopy
-Fluorescence techniques for living cells
-Electron microscopy
What are techniques for studying cytoskeleton function?
What are the 2 anti-cytoskeletal drugs?
What are the anti-microtubule drugs and how do they work?
What are the anti-actin drugs and how do they work?
What are microtubules?
What are the 2 types of microtubules?
What are traits of axonemal microtubules?
What are traits of cytoplasmic microtubules?
What are functions of cytoplasmic microtubules?
Describe the microtubule structure.
What is tubulin?
Describe the alpha/beta-tubulin molecules.
What are tubulin isoforms?
How does microtubule polymerizatoin occur & what is required?
What are steps in microtubule polymerization?
Dimers → oligomers (nucleation) →
protofilaments→ sheets of protofilaments →
closing microtubule → elongating microtubule
What are the terms/steps associated with the formation of microtubules?
What conditions must be met for microtubule formation?
Why is MT growth faster at the plus end? What is this called?