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Information from the Uiform Crime Reports and the National Crime Victimization Survey are not directly comparable.
A crime is cleared when an arrest has been made.
The percentage of crimes reported to the police has increased in recent years.
Approximately half of all murder victims are related to or acquainted with their assailants.
If an offender commits a crime during which someone dies, but the offender had no intention of killing, the offender cannot be convicted of first-degree murder.
According to the UCR, aggravated assaults are more common in the summer months.
NCVS trend data suggests that all forms of larceny are increasing.
Many UCR Part II offenses are misdemeanors.
The elderly are more likely to be victimized than other groups.
Which of the following crimes was not one of the original seven UCR Part 1 offenses?
The __________ is considered a more accurate measure of the actual incidence of crime in the United States.
According to Elliott Currie, the __________ is the rate of crime calculated on the basis of crimes that would likely be committed by those who are incapacitated by the criminal justice system.
latent crime rate
Which of the following is not one of the categories of rape that the UCR distinguishes between?
Attempted statutory rape
According to the UCR, there is a(n) _________ relationship between youth and likelihood of arrest.
Which of the following is not a UCR Part 1 offense?
Hate crimes are most commonly motivated by
racial bias
According to the NCVS, members of __________ families are more likely to become victims of violent crimes.
lower income
Criminologist __________ is concerned about the development of a new generation of superpredators.
John J. Dilulio, Jr.
A couple is separated but their divorce is not yet final. One night, the husband enters his wife’s home and rapes her. Can he be found guilty of rape and why or why not?
Yes, because the marital exemption has been eliminated in most states.
Robbery that occurs in a public place, generally out of doors, is known as _________ Robbery.
Most burglary targets are.
private residences
UCR data on Part II offenses includes
information on arrests made by the police
According to the NCVS, __________ crimes are most likely to be reported to the police.
In general, involvement in crime consistently decreases beginning at about age.
Which of the following individuals is least likely to be a victim of personal theft, according to the NCVS?
A black female over the age of 65