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What state in the U.S. was the first to create a unified day and night police force?
New York
While the crime rate has dropped, the number of police officers has _____ recent years.
What is the United States law enforcement agency with the widest jurisdiction of federal law enforcement agencies?
Females make up __% of all police nationality.
One of the most significant innovations in policing in the past few years, especially since 9/11 has been...
the establishment of multi-agency task forces to reduce duplication effort.
What is the primary role of Interpol?
To provide information about crimes or criminals on a transnational nature.
What is the only state in the U.S. without a police force?
The Department of Homeland Security was created to combat______.
Most police officers work on which level of gov't?
Who created the London Metropolitan police department?
Sir Robert Peel
The office of justice of the peace is a medieval office that dates back to the ____ century.
There are almost ____ times as many individuals employed by private security agencies than are employed by law enforcement.
When a suspect is identified from a DNA database file it is referred to as______.
A cold hit
What is CODIS?
A newly established database for DNA evidence
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is part of which department of the U.S. gov't?
The treasury department
What famous English novelist was also a London magistrate and founder of the famous, Bow street runners?
Henry Fielding
The weed and Seed program sponsored by the federal gov't was an effort to...
combine enforcement with community services in an effort to reduce crime.
What was the system during Britain's Middle Ages called that said that residents were held responsible for the conduct of their neighbors?
Mutual pledge system
Why was the Metropolitan Police Department different from the watch and ward system?
Unlike the watch and ward system the Metropolitan Police Department were assigned different territories or (beats).
Who was the first police commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Department?
Colonel Charles Rowan
What was the role of the LEAA?
to allocate money to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system.
What is the largest state police department?
The California Highway Patrol
What is the smallest state police department?
The North Dakota Highway Patrol
Federal law enforcement agencies can only enforce laws enacted by ____.
What is (LEMAS) Law Enforcement Management and Administration Statistics program?
A nationwide survey of state and local police agencies employing one hundred or more officers that is conducted every three years.
What are the six characteristics that Stephen Mastrofski identified that summarize current expectations of "good service" from police officers.
Manners, and Fairness.
How have improvements in police communications technology backfired?
Public makes too much use of these innovations, for many 911 calls are not emergencies.
What is case law?
Judicial applications and iterpretations applying to a given case
What state was rated the best criminal code based on clarity,comphrehensiveness and proportionality?
According to a study of murder on different television shows, the television portrait of murder ...
tends to hightlight the dramatic and planned aspect of the murder.
The rules for adjucdication of individuals suspected of violating the law are?
Procedural criminal law
The criminal code is
A compilation of all the laws in a jurisdiction.
The oldest definition of insanity is the
M'Naghten rule
The defense of mistake of fact can be used as a defense, but the mistake must be honest and ______.
The failure to act can constitute a criminal act when...
A person has a legal duty to act.
Rules that regulate disputes between private parties are called _____.
Civil law