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The US Supreme Court case that dealt with the issue of the patting down of the exterior clothing of a suspect to ensure officer safety was?
Terry v. Ohio
U.S. vs. Leon is an example of?
good faith exception
The ________ were the first salaried constables in Bow London.
"Bow Street Runners"
What is a search?
An exploratory inspection of a person or property based on probable cause of law violation.
When is the only time that an officer can frisk a suspect?
When they are searching for weapons that may cause an immediate threat to the officer's safety.
Reasonable suspicion
A situation in which a police officer has good reason to believe that criminal activity may be occurring.
What is the exclusionary rule?
A legal principle that holds that illegally seized evidence must be excluded from use in trials.
What case applied the exclusionary rule to the states?
Mapp v. Ohio
What does the fourth amendment state?
Citizens are protected against "unreasonable searches and seizures."
What case established the authority of the police to conduct a warrantless search in a lawful arrest?
Chimel v. California
When are police able to conduct searches without warrants?
-When they are making a lawful arrest.
-When given voluntary consent.
-When an item is in plain view.
-When searching automobiles
-Open Fields or Abandoned property.
What is the good faith exception?
A rule stating that evidence seized with a defective warrant, not based on probable cause, is admissible in court if the police acted in good faith in presenting the evidence and the error was made by the judge.
What does the fifth amendment state?
That a person has protection against self-incrimination.
What case applied the fifth amendment to specific police procedures?
Miranda v. Arizona
What is the purpose of the Miranda warning?
To protect people from self-incrimination
What is the public safety exception?
Police may omit the Miranda warning prior to questioning a suspect when public safety is jeopardized.
In what case did the Supreme Court establish that is in not "fundamentally unfair" to use a defendant's refusal to take a blood-alcohol test as evidence of guilt.
South Dakota v. Neville
What is the U.S. Supreme Court's case defining the decision of the law of stop and frisk?
Terry v. Ohio
In order to make a lawful search incident to arrest ___.
The arrest must be lawful
Which is one of the stated purposes of search incident to arrest as ruled in the decision of Chimel v. California?
The purpose of search incident to arrest is to remove weapons for the protection of the police officer.
A situation where a police officer has good reason to believe that criminal activity may be occurring is called...
Reasonable suspicion
What is the case in which the U.S. Supreme Court hold that the Miranda ruling has become embedded in routine police practice to the point where warnings have become part of our national culture?
Dickerson v. United States
Which is not an exception for the need for warrant in making a lawful warrantless search?

Incident to arrest
Caught in the act
Stop and frisk
Caught in the act
The Miranda warning must be given when...
A suspect is in police custody and questioned by the police.
True/False The importance of confessions to police work is limited because most suspects are taken into custody based on other evidence.
The exclusionary rule was applied to state prosecutions in the case of...
Mapp v. Ohio
The exclusionary rule was first applie to federal prosecutions in what year?
The National Institute of Justice study examined felony cases over a three year period and found that ...
Fewere than one percent of cases were dismissed because of the exclusionary rule.
What is the name of the case that preceded the Miranda decision and set the groundwork for the more controversial and significant decision two years later?
Escobedo v. Illinois
What percent of the American population, based upon recent polling, supports requiring police to inform suspects of their rights?
50 to 100 percent
Coolidge v. New Hampshire is a ruling that applies to which of the warrantless searches?
Plain view
What is the case that allows for an exception to Miranda when questions to a suspect are prompted by a concern for public safety?
New York v. Quarles
The Supreme Court has stated that the Miranda decision should be the law of the land because...
Miranda has become embedded in routine police practice
The protection against self incrimination is found in the ___ Amendment to the United States Constitution?
Most suspects seem not to be influenced by the Miranda waring because...
They feel compelled by circumstances to talk to police
Searches incident to a lawful arrest were limited to the person and the area under their control in the case of...
Chimel v. California
The case of U.S. v. Leon established the _____ rule.
good faith