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Group of people assigned on a temporary basis to investigate a particular event or problem that has occurred within the organization. (5)
Ad hoc committee
List of items of business to be presented and/or discussed during a formal meeting. (5)
Formal meeting set up so that several business executives from different geographic locations can "meet" through telephone communications; another term for teleconferencing. (5)
Audio conference
Group of people who are meeting to accomplish a specific task. (5)
Formal meeting set up so participants can use computer terminals to transmit information to other members of the group for either simultaneous or delayed response. (5)
Computer conference
Formal meeting of a group of people with a common purpose. (5)
Use of telephone and computer systems to create networks necessary in order to meet with others without having to leave the office. (5)
Motions that affect the comfort of the members of the group that is meeting. (5)
Convenience motions
Type of conference that is typically sponsored by a professional association. (5)
Formal meeting using computers arranged so that two or more participants simultaneously have access to a document for review and editing. (5)
Data conference
Characteristic of members of a workforce that consists of people with different personal characteristics, physical abilities, and employment opportunities. (5)
Smart podium equipment that projects hard copy or transparencies as visuals on a projection screen in front of the room. (5)
Document camera
Device used with teleconferences to transmit visuals to other locations that consists of a pressure-sensitive blackboard, microphone, and speaker at one location and a television monitor, microphone, and speaker at additional locations as well. (5)
Electronic blackboard
Meeting planned and scheduled in advance so that participants know ahead of time the agenda items to be presented and discussed. (5)
Formal meeting
Invisible barrier to advancement to higher-level corporate positions, usually experienced by women and members of minority groups. (5)
Glass ceiling
Motions arising from pending questions that must be decided before the question to which the incidental motions pertains is decided. (5)
Incidental motions
Discussion by a small number of people (two to five) about a particular business issue or concern. (5)
Informal meeting
Technical language pertinent to a specific profession or group. (5,7)
An item of business presented to a group in the form of a motion that has the lowest precedence in rank amoung all types of motions. (5)
Main motion
Official report of a meeting that summarizes the business that has been transacted, reports that have been presented and discussed, and any other significant events occurring during the meeting. (5,9)
Aopplication of a set of rules and principles for conducting formal meetings efficiently and orderly; appropriate conduct of business meetings as specified in specific references. (5,6)
Parliamentary procedures
Formal statement signed by those who are eligible to sign such a petition asking for a specific action to be taken. (5)
Motions that take precedence over all other motions, such as a motion to take a recess or a motion to adjourn. (5)
Privileged motions
Required number of voting members who must be present to transact business. (5)
Formal expression of an entire group's appreciation, congratulations, or sympathy directed toward a particular individual or group. (5)
Group of people appointed for a definte term and assigned specific objectives to accomplish within that period of time. (5)
Standing committee
Motion that assists, modifies, or disposes of the main motion and that must be acted on before the group returns to the main motion. (5)
Subsidiary motion
Formal meeting set up so that several business executives from different geographic locations
Acetate sheet containing an image burned or drawn on it that can be projected on a screen or wall. (5)
Formal meeting set up for a scheduled date and time in which participants are able to communicate with each other by viewing and listening to one another on closed-circuit television. (5)