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Business etiquette
Acceptable behaviors applied in specific types of business situations when conducting business, carrying out workplace assignments, dining with and entertaining business associates, giving and receiving gifts, and working with disabled people. (12)
Developmental disability
Mental impairment that may result in limited capacity to function in a workplace environment or in society. (12)
Disability etiquette
Acceptable behaviors to apply in specific types of situations involving disabled persons, such as wheelchair etiquette, visual impairment etiquette, hearing loss etiquette, and developmental disability etiquette. (12)
Modifier used when referring to an individual who is physically, visually, or developmentally impaired or who has severe hearing loss. (12)
Tip that is paid to service providers to augment their salaries. (12)
Person who visits another business associate at his or her work area. (12)
Person who receives business visitors in his or her own work area or office. (12)
Circulating among the participants at a business gathering to become acquainted, make introductions, and learn more about each person contacted. (12)
Power meals
Planned meal functions (breakfast, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, brunch) that involve business discussions during or after the meal. (12)
Social etiquette
Acceptable behaviors exhibited in specific types of personal situations, such as courtesy, politeness, and respect for other individuals. (12)
Projection on a file folder or guide for placement of a label with a typed caption. (1) Bill for a meal function normally paid by whoever benefits from the business association. (12)