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Airmail service
Postal service offered for international mail. (10)
Bar codes
Envelope imprints that contain ZIP Code information to enable mail to be processed more quickly. (10)
Bound printed matter
Subclass of package services that includes advertising, promotional material, directories, or editorial material securely bound with permanent fastenings. (10)
Certificate of mailing
Proof of mailing that can be purchased for a mailed item. (10)
Certified mail
Proof of mailing and delivery that may be purchased for a first-class item with no dollar value of its own. (10)
Collect-on-delivery (COD) mail
Sending an item so that the buyer must pay the postage, COD fee, and price of the item shipped in cash or personal check upon receipt. (10)
Express mail
Fastest mail delivery service for any item weighing up to 70 pounds, which guarantees next-day delivery and second-day delivery. (10)
First-class mail
Class of mail that includes personal and business correspondence, handwritten and printed messages, bills, statements of account, post cards, printed forms filled out in writing, and business reply mail not requiring the highest priority and weighing no more than 13 ounces. (10)
Home page
First page for a Web site that is registered on the World Wide Web through a Web address-a uniform resource locator (URL). (10)
Insured mail
Additional postal protection up to $500 against loss or damage for express, first-class, priority, and standard mail as well as package services. (10)
International mail
Postal service, such as Global Express Guaranteed and Global Express, available for mail being sent to foreigh countries. (10)
Organization's internal network for electronically communicating company policies, procedures, news items, and data/information available to employees. (10)
Library mail
Subclass of package services that permits qualifying institutions (libraries, universities, zoos, research institutions) to mail educational and research material. (10)
Electronic message forwarded from Western Union to the post office that serves the AIP Code of the address for next-day delivery to any address in the United States. (10)
Media mail
Subclass of package services that includes books of at least eight pages, film printed music, printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, medical information, and computer-readable media. (10)
Etiquette practices for the electronic environment. (10)
Package services
Class of mail intended for catalogs, merchandise, and other printed material that can be sent as parcel post, bound printed matter, media mail, or library mail. (10)
Parcel post
Subclass of package services that includes merchandise, books, circulars, catalogs, and other printed matter with a maximum weight of 70 pounds. (10)
Class of mail that includes publications such as newspapers, magazines, and other periodical publications whose primary purpose is transmitting information to a subscription list. (10)
Priority mail
First-class mail that weighs up to a maximum of 70 pounds and has a maximum size of no more than 108 inches in length and distance around the thickest part combined and is deliverable within two to three days. (10)
Registered mail
Additional postal protection available for valuable items, money, checks, jewelry, bonds, stock certificates, and important papers sent by first-class mail. (10)
Unsolicited electronic mail messages that are sent through the Internet. (10)
Special delivery
Payment of regular postage plus an extra fee that assures immediate delivery within prescribed hours and distances. (10)
Special handling
Postal service available for unusual mail and packages sent by first-class mail, priority mail, and package services that require preferential handling and will be delivered with regularly scheduled mail deliveries. (10)
Standard mail
Class of mail that includes printed matter, flyers, circulars, advertising, newsletters, bulletins, catalogs, and small parcels not required to be sent by first-class or periodicals; two subclasses of standard mail exist-A for mail of less than 16 ounces and B for mail of more than 1 pound. (10)
Message delivered to the receiver through Western Union. (10)
Web site
All the Web pages, collectively, for a specific company or organization. (10)
Person in charge of an organization's Web site who needs to be skilled in communication, artistic design, technology, and Web site management strategies. (10)
ZIP + 4 Code
Zone Improvement Program Codes that are used by the U.S. Postal Service to expedite mail deliveries throughout the United States. (3 & 10)