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What is the consumer decision-making process?
AN attempt on the part of marketing professionals to bring some structure to the process of buy, use, and disguard
What is consumer behavior?
The mental and emotional processes and the physical activities that people engage in when they select, purchase, use, and dispose of products or services to satisfy particular needs.
What does an internal search involve?
A review of information stored in memory.
What does an external search involve?
Gathering information from marketing sources.
What is the involvement in decision making?
The level of importance or interest generated by a product or a decision.
What are high involvement decisions characterized by?
High levels of importance, thorough information processing, and substantial differences between alternatives.
What are low-involvement decisions?
When relatively little personal interest, relevance, or importance is associated with a purchase
What is extensive problem solving involve?
Considerable mental effort and substantial search for information.
What is limited problem solving?
An intermediate situation between routinized response behavior and extensive problem solving.
What are consumer attitudes?
Learned predispositions to respond favorably or unfavorably to a product or brand.
What is culture?
The values, ideas, attitudes, and symbols that people adopt to communicate, interpret, and interact with members of society.
What is socialization?
The process of absorbing culture.
What are values?
Shared beliefs or cultural norms about what is important or right.
What are social classes?
Relatively homogeneous divisions within a society that contain people with similar values, needs, lifestyles, and behavior.
What is the family life style?
The sequence of steps a family goes through.
What are the three kinds of consumer complaints?
1. voice responses(seeking satisfaction directly from seller)
2. private responses(bad-mouthing to friends)
3. third party responses(taking legal actions)
What is cognative dissonance?
A form of post purchase doubt about the appropriateness of a decision.
What are three interpersonal influence processes?
What are market mavens?
Consumers who know about many different products,places to shop, and other facts of the market.
What are opinion leaders?
People who influence consumer behavior through word of mouth communications.
What are psychographics?
They divide a market into lifestyle segments on the basis of consumer interests, values, opinions, personality, characteristics, attidudes and demographics.