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What are the 6 types of human collagen, and where are they found?
Type I: Bone, dentin, cementum
Type II: Cartilages
Type III = Reticular lamina
Type IV: Lamina densa
Type V: Found with type I AND in placenta
Type VII: Connects lamina densa to lamina reticularis
What is hay fever?
- Sneezing, etc. Mast cells release histamine via Ab-mediated response, irritating upper respiratory tract. Polyps, sinusitis
- CORTICOSTEROIDS counteract this
What are macrophages?
- Monocyte derived
- Phagocytose cells, debris
- KUPFFER cells in liver
What are plasma cells?
- Derived from b lymphocytes
- Secrete/produce Abs
- Basophilic, "clock face nucleus"
What are mast cells?
- Bone marrow derived
- B cell makes IgE at first Ag exposure --> attaches to mast
- 2nd exposure: IgE clusters, activating adenylate cyclase that causes degranulation and secretion
What characterizes white adipose cells?
- Unilocular (one drop)
- RECEPTORS for insulin, GH, norepinepherine, glucocorticoids --> uptake/release of glycerol/fatty acids
What characterizes brown adipose cells?
- Only in infants. Several drops
- Extensive mitochondria - activity generates warmth
What is the funciton of adipose cells?
- Synthesis, storage, release of fat
- Intestinal cells reesterify fatty acids to TRIGLYCERIDES
- ^ surrounded by proteins for transport
- At capillaries of adipose, VLDL (liver) and chylomicrons broken down by lipase, diffuse through cell membranes
- Cells reform triglycerides to add to lipid droplets
What characterizes Loose (Areolar) CT
- Gel like GS, loose arrangement of fibers
- LAMINA PROPRIA in mucous membranes
- Main inflammatory battlefield
What characterizes Loose (Areolar) CT
- Many fibers
- Dense irregular: dermis, capsule
- Dense regular: tendons/ligaments