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situations where people face choices between reasonable interpretations(Weick, 19)
Weick's idea of organizing
making sense out of equivocal information (Weick, 19)
requisite variety
degree of complexity and diversity within an organization needs to match teh equivocaltiy of the data it procecces (Weick, 19)
a primary feature of organizing life (Weick, 19)
double interact
act, response, adjustment
building blocks of every organization (Weick, 19)
loose coupling
feedback loops of various sections of an organization are not well connected (Weick, 19)
survival of the fitting
Boulding's idea that the nature of an organization can change when its members alter their behavior(Weick, 19)
three stages of socio-cultural evolution
enactment, selection, retention (Weick, 19)