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Refers to new and increasing interconnectedness in economic, political, and cultural realms; while economic conceptualizations often dominate, globalization is also inherently political and cultural
Convergence Hypothesis
Holds that global forces such as market deregulation have homogenizing effects on organizational practices and forms all over the world
Organizational Isomorphism
The tendency of organizations to become increasingly similar, to imitate one another, and to respond in parallel ways to outside forces
Global Imperative
The idea that globalization is a phenomenon that must happen and cannot be avoided or evaded (illustrated by metaphor of an ocean wave)
Global Reflexivity
Refers to the idea that we are not only aware of the world as an interdependent space, but we are also aware of this awareness
Because of globalization, we are intimately connected to events in other parts of the world; thus, we are affected by decisions and events in far removed locations
Social Imagingation
Refers to our collective abilities to conceive of who we are and what we might become; we are affected by a range of financial, technological, mediated, and ethnic forces or "scapes"
Intercultural Communication
Communication among people with different cultural backgrounds
Intercultural Competence
Effective and appropriate communication in intercultural situations, inherently contextual in nature
A process by which minority identities adjust to a dominant culture.