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What is gender typing?
Process by which child becomes aware of motives, values, and behaviors considered appropriate for members of that sex
What is gender-role standard?
Behavior, value, motive, considered typical or appropriate for a gender.
Which gender-role standard is usually directed toward females?
expressive role
Which gender-role standard is usually directed toward males?
instrumental role
What are the 3 general stages of the development of the gender concept?
basic gender identity --> gender stability --> gender consistency
What is gender segregation?
play with same-sex playmate; other sex viewed as out-group
What are gender schemas?
Organized sets of beliefs and expectations that guide information processing.
What is social cognition?
knowing about others (ex. evaluating emotions of individuals in photos)
What is theory of mind?
Understanding that people have mental states that are not always accessible to others and that oten guide their behavior.
What is needed for social cognition?
theory of mind
What is the intentional definition of aggression?
form of behavior intended to harm or injure another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatments.
What is hostile aggression?
main goal to harm victim
What is instrumental aggression/
main goal to get something (ex. toys)
What are the 2 processes involved in Bandura's social learning theory?
observational learning and direct experience
What is the hostile attribution bias?
tendency to view harm under ambiguous circumstances as having hostile intent
Describe reactive aggressors.
-expect hostile intent from peers
- search for cues that match their expectancy
- become angry and quickly retaliate w/o thinking through other solutions
Describe proactive aggressors.
-don't feel disliked, may even be popular
- will forumate an instrumental goal
- may appear callous an unemotional or even happy when aggressive
What are the 2 paths for delinquency?
life-course persistent and adolescence-limited
What are the 3 stages of Kohlberg's theory of morality?
preconventional --> conventional --> postconventional