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by adding gas, you increase the number of gas particles, thus increasing
the number of collisions, which explains why the gas pressure increases
as long as the gas temperature does not change, doubling the number of gas particles
doubles the pressure
letting air out of a tire
decreases the pressure inside the tire
the fewer particles inside exert
less pressure
halving the number of gas particles in a given volume
decreases the pressure by half
when a sealed container of gas under pressure is opened, gas inside moves from the region of higher pressure to the region of
lower pressure outside
raising the pressure exerted by a contained gas by reducing its volume
increases gas pressure
the more the gas is compressed, the
greater is the pressure it exerts inside the container
reducing the volume of a contained gas by half
doubles the pressure
increasing the volume of the contained gas
halves the pressure
by doubling the volume, you halfve the gas pressure because
the same number of gas particles occupy a volume twice the original size
raising temperature of an enclosed gas can
increase gas pressure
the _____ and _____ of gas particles increase as the gas particles absorb thermal energy
speed, kinetic energy
the faster-moving paricles impact the walls of their container with more energy, exerting
greater pressure
if the average kinetic energy of a gas doubles, the Kelvin temperature
doubles and the pressure of the enclosed gas also doubles
a gas in a sealed container may thus generate _______ when heated
enormous pressure
as the temperature of an enclosed gas decreases, the particles
move more slowly and have less kinetic energy
halving the Kelvin temperature of a gas in a rigid container
decreases the gas pressure by half