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what was the Taft-Hartley act
It outlawed the "closed" shop, made unions liable for damages that resulted from jurisdictional disputes among themselves and required leaders to take a noncommunist oath.
and the point of Operation Dixie was to save the Southerners from a killer flood?
no, even if that was true we would have let those suckers die anyway. So, it was a failed attempt to over come fears of racial mixing in 1948
Service Mens Readjustment act of 1944
AKA the GI bill. It kept those punks out of civilian jobs by throwing them hells AKA schools and maintaining them in the army
Dr. Benjamin Spocks symoblized the effects of American Mobility in his book....
The common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care
FHA (federal housing adminstration)
it gave out home loans but discriminated against minorities whom they said would have more difficulties paying back debts
What occured at Yalta in 1945
the Big Three met and they agreed that Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania would have their boundaries readjusted, they would have a representative govt. Stalin lied!!! bastard!
what encouraged world trade by regulating currency exchange rates and founded the world bank
IMF international monetary fund
what could have ended the nuclear crisis
Bernard Baruch's suggestion of a UN w/o the Veto power, and a UN w/power over atomic energy. But Russia really liked its veto and we liked Nuclear energy power so that yea...that was screwed over...bastards
what was the 1948 doctrine that helped the Greeks fight those Turks..again
The Truman Doctrine
who was in charge of reconstruction in Japan
MacArthur YEA!
Dennis v. courts
help up the convictions of commies who advoated a violent overthrow of the govt.
who is Jian Jieshi
he was forced to flee since Mao defeated him in 1949. The fall of China was blamed on Truman
Truman ran in 1948 and called a fair deal did he win
yes. 1st square deal then, new deal then fair deal
the soviets helped to set up rivalry regimes below/above what parallel in Korea
the 38th parallel. Truman attacked the N. korean army
quadruple defense spending