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Of the following organs, the one(s) most comparable to the penis is (are)
a. the clitoris
b. the vagina
c. the vestibular bulbs
d. the labia minora
e. the prepuce
the clitoris
The ovaries secrete all of the following except
a. estrogens
b. progesterone
c. androgens
d. follice-stimulating hormone
e. inhibin
follicle-stimulating hormone
The first haploid stage in oogenesis is
a. the oogonium
b. the primary oocyte
c. the secondary oocyte
d. the second polar body
the secondary oocyte
FSH secretion begins to rise and new follicles begin to grow during
a. the premenstrual phase
b. the menstrual phase
c. the preovulatory phase
d. the luteal phase
e. the plateau phase
the premenstrual phase
The hormone that most directly influences the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle is
a. HCG
b. FSH
c. LH
d. estrogen
e. progesterone
The ischemic phase of the uterus results from
a. rising progesterone levels
b. falling progesterone levels
c. stimulation by oxytocin
d. stimulation by prostaglandins
e. stimulation by estrogens
falling progesterone levels
Before secreting milk, the mammary glands secrete
a. prolactin
b. colostrum
c. lochia
d. meconium
e. chloasma
Few women become pregnant while nursing because_____inhibits GnRH secretion.
a. FSH
b. prolactin
c. prostaglandins
d. oxytocin
e. HCG
Smooth muscle cells of the myometrium and myoepithelial cells of the mammary glands are the target cells for
a. prostaglandins
b. LH
c. oxytocin
d. progesterone
e. FSH
Which of these is not true of the luteal phase of the sexual cycle?
a. progesterone level is high
b. the endometrium stores glycogen
c. ovulation occurs
d. fertilization may occur
e. the endometrial glands enlarge
ovulation occurs
Each egg cell develops in its own fluid-filled space called a/an______.
The mucosa of the uterus is called__________.
A girls first menstrual period is called_______.
A yellowish structure called the________secretes progesterone during the secretory phase of the sexual cycle.
corpus luteum
The first layer of cells around a mature secondary oocyte is the______.
carona radiata
A secondary follicle differs from a primary follicle in having a cavity called the_____.
Menopause occurs during a midlife period of changing hormone secretion called______.
All the products of fertilization, including the embryo or fetus, the placenta, and the embryonic membranes, are colectively called the_______.
The funnel-like distal end of the uterine tube is called the_______and has feathery processes called________.
infundibulum, fimbrae
Postpartum uterine involution produces a vaginal discharge called_____.
T/F After ovulation, a follicle begins to move down the uterine tube to the uterus.
False, only the ovum and corona radiata enter the uterine tube, not the whole follicle.
T/F Human Chorionic gonadotropin is secreted by the granulosa cells of the follicle.
False, HCG is secreted by the placenta
T/F An oocyte never completes meiosis II unless it is fertilized.
T/F A slim girl who is active in dance and gymnastics is likely to begin menstruating at a later age than an overweight inactive girl.
T/F There are more future egg cells in the ovary at puberty than there are at birth.
False, Many eggs and follicles undergo atresia during childhood, so their number is reduced by the age of puberty.
T/F Women do not lactate while they are pregnant because prolactin is not secreted until after birth.
False, Prolactin is secreted during pregnancy but does not induce lactation then.
T/F Colostrum contains more protein than milk, but less fat.
T/F Several follicles develop in each ovarian cycle even though only one of them usually ovulates.
T/F Progesterone inhibits uterine contractions.
T/F The entire endometrium is shed in each menstrual period.
False, only the superficial layer is shed (functionalis).