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what is the name of the campaign where Lincoln ordered "tardy" McClellan to attack Richmond and then calls him back since it seemed as if Washington were in danger due to "Stonewall" Jackson
Peninsula Campaign
what battle could have ended the Civil war if McClellan hadnt been pushed back General Robert Lee. its where the N. turned total war
The Seven Days' Battle
What was the North's plan to win the war
1) blockade the coasts
2) free slaves
3) cut the confederacy in half by seizing the Mississippi river
4)send troops thru Georgia/Caolina
5) Capture Richmond
6)try to engage the enemy everywhere
what was "ultimate destination" and why did Britain accept it
N. ships would seize British ships laden with supplies at halfway stations under the pretext that they MIGHT go to the Southern colonies. Br dealed w/it since they might be able to use it in a future war
what was a threat to the union blockade and what was done to terminate the threat
The Merrimack AKA the Virginia was a threat to the union blockade so the Monitor was built in 100 days and fought the Virginia to a standstill in 4hrs
what happens at the Second Battle of Bull Run
The S. beats us up again
on what date was Antietam fought?
Sept. 17, 1862
was general A.J. Burnside a competent General despite his modesty of saying he wasnt
no he sucked. in a battle he led more than 10,000 men died
who replaced Meade
what battle was magnificent but futile for being led on a low rdige which broke the confederate cause and defined the northernmost point reached by any southern force
Picketts Charge
where did Grant ask for immediate and unconditional surrender
Fort Donelson
what happened at Shiloh
Grant attempted to capture a Southern RR in Missouri but a confederate force stopped him here_______
what helped to quell the agitation of the butternut region and why
The fall of Port Hudson since it reopened the Mississippi where confederates had cut off the Ohio valley's usual trade routes down the Ohio-Mississippi River to New Orleans. it PERMANENTLY ENDED HOPE FOR FOREIGN AID
what battle opened up an invasion of Georgia
The freedmen was set up on March 5, 1865& expired in 1872. What were the results of the program
Union General Oliver Howard led it and Freedmen's bureau taught about 200,000 blacks to read. It wasnt as effective as it could have been.
what amendment prohibited slavery
the 13th amendment
what did the 14th amendment do and what bill did it resemble that Johnson had vetoed b4 congress became veto proof
It resembled the civil rights legislation. 1)made blacks citizens 2) if a state denied a black citizenship their representation in the electoral college was lowered. 3) former confederates couldnt hold office
what gave the radicals more power
Johnsons Round the Circle speeches
what amendment gave blacks the vote
15th amendment
what does ex parte milligan say (1866)
that civilians couldnt be tried by military tribunals, even during wartime, if there were civil courts available.
when did reconstruction end
what did the Tenure of Office Act do
it said that the president had to secure consent of the senate b4 removing his appointees.