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From around when to when were the Catholics and Protestants fighting?
1540 - 1660.
Why was this period (1540-1660) one of the most turbulent in English history?
Price Revolution - new currency was introduced; no gold to back it up.
What was the Peace of Augsburg?
(German Wars - 1553)
Peace that ended the German religious wars - said that religion of ruler would be the one that the people followed.
The French Wars pitted whom?
Catholics vs. Protestants.
What was the role of Henry of Navarre (Henry IV)?
He created the Edict of Nantes to restore the prosperity of the country.
What was the Edict of Nantes?
A document declaring that the Huguenots be treated with respect; they would have space in the country.
It ended the French wars of religion.
Revolt in the Netherlands::
Role of William the Silent?
Role of the Duke of Alva?
William the Silent - got help from other countries to end the war; converted to Protestantism.
Duke of Alva - started the Council of Blood to fight Protestants.
The Thirty Year's War pitted whom?
Catholics vs. Protestants.
What was the Peace of Westphalia?
It was the peace that ended the 30 year's war.
Who came out as the superpower after the Thirty Year's War? Who suffered?
France came out as superpower.
Spain lost all power.
Why does Spain decline after the religious wars?
They lost a lot of money on the wars.
Greatest weakness = economy.
Lacked agricultural and minteral resources.
Discuss the growing power of France.
Cite:: Cardinal Richelieu & Louis VIX.
The 30 Years War started the growth of France::
Richelieu - deprived Huguenots; made a new system of local government; doubled crown's income.
Louis - considered one of the greatest leaders of all time.
Descuss the English Civil War.
Elizabeth I - good rule, poor legacy. (Protestant).
James I - Scottish; more taxes; people unhappy.
Charles I - goes to war with Parliament. (CIVIL WAR).
Cromwell's Commonwealth/Protectorate - establishes Republic; he is Lord Protectorate for life (hereditary). Parlaiment steps in after his death.
Charles II - called back from exile; establish a LIMITED MONARCHY.
James II - Catholic; warming pan baby; calls his sister Mary.
William and Mary - start Glorious Revolution; Protestants return to throne; ensured limited monarchy.
What is a Limited Monarch?
The king doesn't have complete control, but rules together with Parliament.
What was the 'Restoration' in English history?
When their monarchs returned to the throne.