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the system were men play the dominant role in the family
the ability to greate, originate, and produce
midlife transition
a period in middle adulthood when people's perspective change in a major way.
midlife crists
when a midlife transition triggers a second period of reassessment
empty-nest syndrome
the feelings of emptiness and loss mothers and fathers somtimes feel after the children have left home.
programmed theories
developmentl theories that maintain that aging is the result of genetics
cellular damage theories
suggest that cells malfuntion as a result of damage, not heredity.
free radicals
unstable molecules in our body
proteins within a cell bound together, toughening body tissues
loss of cognitive functioning
senile dementia
the age at which dementia occurs, around age 65.
alzheimers' disease
mental disorderthat affects about 10% of people over the age of 65, causes loss of memory.
ego integrity
the belief that life is meaningful and worthwhile even when physical abilities are not what they used to be
living wills
tells people if a person wants to live or die when there is no hope left.