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veritable (adjective) ver'i-te-bel.
unquestionable, being truly so, almost. nearly, very similar to.

His mind is a veritable encyclopedia of information.
defiant (adjective) di-fi'ent
refusing to follow orders rules, resistiong boldly.

Because of his deficant tempure toward his boss cost him lose his job.
acrophobia (noun)
fear of heights

My friend is an acrophobia so she can't ride on a wild thing in valley Fair.

nondescript (adjective) non'di-skript'
not distinct, difficult to describe because it lacks individuality.

I never go anywhere that nondescript without a map.
incredulity (noun)in'kri'doo'li-te
disbelief, amazement.

I was so incredulity when she told me that she passed the test without study for it.
veracity (noun) ve-ras'i-ty
truth, accuracy.

It is difficult to determine the veracity of a person's attitude.
fidelity (noun) fi-del'i-te.
faithfulness to obligation or duty, exactness, accurary.

His fidelity to his wife is very strong.
creed (noun) kred
set of beliefs or principles

The church published its creed about belief in God.
credibility (noun)
believability; ability to be trusted.

She treats her workers well and she has credibility with them.
claustrophobia (noun) klo'ste-fo'be-e
fear of small space and closet

She gets a claustrphobia in elevator and closet.
destitude (adjective) des'ti-toot'
without money, poor.

That destitude man can't affort to buy food for his children.
get to first base
do the first thing successfully.

My goal is to get to first base with my college degree.
Hold out an olive branch
make an offer of peace.

I hold out an olive branch to make peace with her.
doomed to a bad fate, unlucky

The star-crossed soccer player broke his leg on the important home coming game.
give carte blanche
to give full, unrestricked power.

My dad gave me carte blanche to punish my naughty sister for yell at me.
jokingly, insincerely, without really meaning something.

Jane made a tongue-in-cheek that she will go out on a date with Tom who she really hate.
nonchalant (adjective) non'she-lant
unconcerned, carefree.

The nonchalant mother is looking for her baby because she was busy finding her clothes.
deviate (verb) de've-at
to vary from a path, course, or norm.

Campers who deviate from their groups risk getting lost.
fiduciary (Adjective, noun) fi-doo'she-er'e
pertaining to money or poperty held for one person( or several people) by others Adj.
a person holding money for another noun.
Mary is my fiduciary because she held my money for me.
verify (verb) ver'e-fi
to determine the truth or accuracy of, to confirm.

My dad has to verify to the attendent's office about my absents.
xenophobia (noun) zen'e-fob'e-a
fear of hatred of foreigners or foreign things

Because of his xenophobia so he didn't want to travel to contry.
Delude (verb) di-lood'
to mislead, to cause someone to think something is false.

He deluded himself into thinking that he is an important man.
veritable (adjective) ver'i-te-bel.
unquestionable, being truly so, almost. nearly, very similar to.

His mind is a veritable encyclopedia of information.
behind the eight ball
at a disadvantage, in a hopeless situation...

My art contest is behind the eight ball because I got only one vote and the others got eight, nine votes.