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Parts of the Skeletal System
Bones, Joints, Cartiliges, Ligaments
Sections of the Skeletal System
Axial Skeletal
Appendicular System
Functions of the Bones
01.Support the body
02.Protection of soft organs
03.Movement due to attached Skeletal Muscles
04.Storage of Minerals and Fats
05.Blood cell Formation
Long Bones
longer then wide, have a shaft with heads at the end, contain compact bone,
Short Bones
Generally cubed shaped, contain mostly spongly bone, examples: carples,tarsals
Flat Bones
Thin and flattened, usually curved, think layers of compact bone around a layer of spongy bone. Examples- Skull, Ribs, Sternum
Irregular Bones
Irregular shape, does not fit into other bone clasification catagories. Examples- Vertebrae-Hips
shaft of the bone- compact bone
Head of the bone-spongy bone
covering the shaft(fibrosis connective tissue)
Sharpey's Fibers
holds periosteum
supply bone cells with nutrients
Articular Cartilage
covers the external surface of the epiphyses, made of hyaline cartilage, decrease friction at this joint
When cartilage turns to bone
Medullary Cavity
Cavity of the Shaft, contains Yellow Marrow (mostly fat) in adults, contain Red Marrow (for blood cell formation) in infants.
cavities containing bone cells, arranging in concentric ring
rings around the central cavity, sites of lacunae
Tiny canals, radiate from the central canal to lacunae, form a transport system.
mature bone cell
Epiphysal Line
When the bone is completly ossified and stops growing.