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What makes up the integumentary system?
What is the epidermis?
outer layer of skin
What is the dermis?
inner layer of skin
What does subcutaneous/hypodermis mean?
under the skin; connective tissue that connects skin and internal organs
What is the sudoriferous gland?
sweat gland; secretes watery substance that cools
What is the sebaceous gland?
oil gland; secretes oily substance that protects
What are two types of glands?
1.) sudoriferous (sweat) gland
2.) sebaceous (oil) gland
What is the lunula?
half moon shape at the base of the nail
What is an abrasion?
scraping of the skin
What is an abscess?
a collection of pus
What is alopecia?
What is cellulitis?
inflammation of the connective tissue
What is a cicatrix?
a scar
What is a comedo?
a blackhead
What is a contusion?
a bruise
What is decubitis ulcer?
a bed sore
What is diaphoresis?
excessive sweating
What is edema?
swelling (collection of fluid)
What is erythema?
redness of skin
What is a fissure?
a crack-like sore
What is a furuncle/carbuncle?
a boyle
What is gangrene?
death of tissue
What is herpes?
a virus
What are the types of herpes?
simplex and zoster
What is herpes simplex?
the virus that causes fever blisters
What is herpes zoster?
the virus that causes shingles
What is hirsutism?
an excessive amount of hair, condition seen in women
What is jaundice?
what is a keloid?
a raised scar
What is laceration?
a jagged wound
What is a lesion?
any change is tissue
What is nevus?
a birth mark
What is pallor?
What is pediculosis?
What is pruritus?
What is psoriasis?
chronic itching with flat lesions
What is papules?
raised red lesions
What is tactile?
What is tinea?
What is an ulcer?
eroding away of tissue
What is urticaria?
What is verruca?
What is a vesicle?
a blister
What is oncology?
the study of tumors
What is the important thing about neoplasms/tumors?
they aren't always malignant
What is basal cell carcinoma?
the most common form of skin cancer
What are the three types of skin cancer?
1.) basal cell carcinoma
2.) squamous cell carcinoma
3.) melanoma
What does mestasis mean?
that the cancer has spread
What is an autograft?
skin taken from yourself
What is a xenograft?
skin taken from someone else or artificial
What is debridement?
cleaning out a wound
What is dermabrasion?
scraping away dead skin
What is liposuction?
removal of fat
What does biopsy mean?
view of life
What is incisional?
take a piece of a tumor
What is excisional?
cuttin out the tumor
incision and drainage
What is a 1st degree burn?
redness of the skin
What is a 2nd degree burn?
What is a 3rd degree burn?
death of tissue