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what was the trojan war?
mythologic war fought by the phaicians (greeks) over a beutiful woman named Helen, who was married to King Menalaos
how long did the trojan war last?
ten years
define an epic
noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style
What is Olympus? Who meets there?
a mountain; the gods
How old is Telemachos?
Why does Athena mention Orestes to Telemachos?
to show he has made a name for himself, and so should Telemachos
Why is Poseidon angry?
Odysseus blinded his son.
How does Telemachos change after the disguised Athena visits him? What is Athena disguised as?
Athen is disguised as a stranger, who visits the family and gives Telemachos advice
Who is Antinoos?
The most vociferous and proud of the suitors. He plots Telemachus' death and often leads the suitors in their mistreatment of Odysseus and his household.
Who is Eurycleia?
The main housekeeper/nanny, at the house of Odysseus, who is old and clever
What sign indicates doom for the suitors?
the eagles
Which man prophesizes about Odysseus?
Haliterses Mastorides
Why does Telemachos first go to the palace of Nestor? What is happening at Pylos as Telemachus arrives?
to ask for information of his father; people are giving bull sacrifices
What sign does Nestor see as indicating Athena’s presence?
She takes the form of a sea-osprey
Who is Menelaus?
The King of Sparta. The Trojan War was fought to rescue his wife, Helen, who was abducted by Paris.