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The primitive atmosphere of Earth may have favored the synthesis of organic molecules because it..
was reducing and had energy sources in the form of lightning and UV radiation
Life on Earth is thought to have begun ... years ago
between 3.5 and 4 billion
Stromatolites are...
banded domes of sediment that contain the earliest fossils
Coacervates are..
droplets that self-assemble when polypeptides, nucleic acids, and polysaccharides are mixed and cooled
What is the proposed hpothesis for the origin of genetic information?
short RNA strands were capable of self-replicating and evolved by natural selection of molecules that were most stable and autocatlytic
Evidence that protobions may have formed spontaneously comes from...
the abiotic synthesis of polymers from monomers dripped onto hot rocks and clay
Polymer formation from organic monomers may have been facilitated by
amino acid concentration on clay particles
According to the theory of panspermia
organic molecules, abiotically synthesized in outer space, may have reached Earth carried on meteorites.
The hypotheiss that life origninated in the sea is based on
the discovery and deep-sea vents and the inhospitable asteroid-crashing environment of early Earth.
in the five-kingdom system of classification the fungi include...
absortptive heterotrophs
In order to place a newly identified species into one of the five kingdoms, the first piece of information you would need to acquire is...
the absence or presence of a nuclear membrane
Why are the five kingdoms now organized into three domains?
to emphasize and reflect the divergence within prokaryotes: archae and bacteria
What did Fox do?
produced proteinoids in the laboratory by dripping monomers onto hot sand or clay
What did Oparin and Haldane do?
claimed that the conditions of primitive Earth favored synthesis of organic compounds
What did Cech do?
discovered RNA catalysts called ribozymes
What did Whittaker do?
developed the five kingdom system
What did Miller and Urey do?
produced organic compounds in a lab apparatus