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Most of this country's foreign income comes from tobacco
What is the main source of income in Central Africa?
cash crops and minerals
What are the reasons for Cameroon's relative prosperity?
oil deposits
The two most important physical features of the Central African Republic are:
The Central African Republic has dense forests covering the southern half and the northern half of the country is a savanna.
This country was formerly known as the British colony of Northern Rhodesia
Who are the primary farmers in Central Africa?
substinence farmers ????
What perentage of the land in Gabon can be used for farming?
One percent
Where is the mouth of the Zambia River?
Indian Ocean
Why must all Central African countries import food despite the regions many fertile farmlands?
Food production has not kept up with the rapidly increasing population
Zaire's deposits of this mineral are among the largest in the world.
This was once called the Belgian Congo
What are the languages of the Niger-Congo Family also known as
Bantu languages
What type of government did Angola choose after it became an independent nation in 1975?
What percentage of people of C.A.R. are substinence farmers?
What is the largest most populous country in Central Africa?
What was the Great Bantu migration?
expansion of Bantu speakers into Central and South Africa from the border of Nigeria and Cameroon
For the past 30 years what country has been a war zone?
Why are many people of Central Africa migrating away from the rural areas?
to seek jobs with cash wages
What is the climate region of much of Central Africa?
The climate region of Central Africa istropcial savanna climate with wet summers and dry winters
What is considered to be the prosperous country in Central Africa?
Which one of the Central African countreis was a German colony divided by France and Great Britain after WWI?
With what country was the dictator Mobutu Sese Seko associated?
Much of Zambia's land is suitable for what?
agriculture and grazing
Name some of the positive and negative aspects of Belguim's colonization of Zaire.
Postive-schools, hospitals, better living conditions

Negative-high umemployment, riots, no job training
Describe the population density in Central Africa
Population density is low across most of Central Africa
What European country originally colonized Equatorial Guinea?
What percentage of Central Africa is covered with steppe, savanna, or grassland? What percentage is desert? What percentage is forest or bushland?
Steppe, savana or grassland-50%
Forest or bushland-17%
What are the two most important rivers in Central Africa?
How did King Leopold II acquire the Belgian Congo?
It was awarded by the Berlin Conference of 1884-85
What is the estimated amount of Bantu languages?
What is the estimated amount of Bantu languages?