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muscle specific actin
non-specific imminohistochemical stain mensenchymal components
factor 13a
dermal dendritic cells
dermal dendritic cells
HAM 56
MAC 387
alpha-1 antichymotrypsin
skin tags assoc with birt-Hogg-Dube and Cowden S2 conventional skin tag
no histo different
hamartomatous in origin
skin tags in Birt-Hogg-Dube fibrofolliculomas, trichodiscomas, and perifollciular fibromas
Cowden sclerotic fibromas
not true skin tags
lipofibroma or fibroma molle
larger skin tags with core of adipocytes
pearly penile papules
30% of young postpubertal adults
mc in uncircumcised men
multiple facial angiofibromas
ts 75% ptatients with TS
bilaterally on cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin, nose
early to mid childhood
more common than periungual angiofibromas
periungual fibromas
ts 40% by adulthood
less common in TS than facial angiofibromas
angiofibroma histo
dermal proliferation of biroblasts in a collagenous stroma
increas thin-walled dilated blood vessels
collagen bundles perpiendularlly to epidermsi
concentric around hair follicles and blood vessels
decrease elastic fibers
fibroblats can be stellate and multinuclated
factor 13a pos, S-100 neg
2nd mc fibrohistiocytic tumor skin
multiple eruptive DFs
autoimmune disorders lupus
atopic dermatitis
immunosuppression HIV
DF collagen polarized light?
refractile to polarized light
peripheral keloidal collagen
sclerosing heamngioma
DF hemorrhage
DF into SQ
radial pattern
DF: extremities, factor 13a
DFSP: trunk, CD34
DF stains
Factor 13 a
muscle specific actin
histocytic markers KP-1 and HAM 56
DF with atypical cells
middle-aged adults
larger > 1 cm
large atypical mono and multinucleated cells with large pleomorphic and hyperchromatic nuclei and prominent nucleoli
abundant vacuolated cytoplasm with hemosiderin deposits
rare mitotic figures
Histo variants of DF
1. with atypical cells
2. atrophic
3. deep DF extending into SQ
4. palisading
5. aneurysmal (agniomatoid, hemosiderotic sclerosing hemangiom)
6. with osteoclst-like cells
7. clear cell
8. xanthomatous
9. with granular cells
Pseudosarcomatous DF
DF with atypical cells
Atypical pseudosarcomatous cutaneous histiocytoma
DF with atypical cells
Fibrous histocytoma
Deep DF
trunk and proximal etremities of young to middle-aged patients
1-2 cm

2 patterns into SQ
1. vertical or radial along the septae wedge-shaped 70%
2. base well circumsribed smooth depp margin 30%
acral fibrokeratoma
acquired digital fibrokeratoma
collarette of elevated scale
mc fingers
middle aged
superficial acral fibromyxoma
rare mensencymal
digits middle aged
male 14 to 72 yrs
ungual region
deformity of underlying bone
less common finger or palm
no malignant
dermis or sq
not encapsulated stellate shaped cells storiform or fasccular pattern
increase bv and mast cells
CD34 pos with focal epithelial membrane antigen
sclerotic fibroma of the skin
Cowden solitary or multiple, skin and/or mm, pearly papules or nodules, adulthood, M=F

sporadic solitary form
no specific location
sclerotic fibromas
well-circcumscribed dome shaped dermal hypocellular nodules
slceortic thick collagen
CD34 pos
variable collagen 4, prolcollagen, alaminin