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GAD criteria
– more than 6 months
– 3 or more criteria
GAD tx
– SSRI’s
– effexor
– buspirone
– psychotherapy
Panic attack
– 1 month or more
– at least 4 symptoms
PTSD treatment
– SSRI’s
– buspirone
– B-blockers, benzo’s, clonidine
ECT contraindications
– MI/stroke
– seizure d/o
– intracranial mass
Seretonin syndrome
– fever
– myoclonis
– CV collapse
Buproprione SE’s
– decrease seizure threshold
– no sexual SE’s
Venlafaxine SE’s
– diastolic hypertention
Mitrazapine SE’s
– Weight gain and sedation
Nefazadone SE’s
– Sedation, H/A, dry mouth
MAOI examples
– tranylcypromine and phenelzine
– fever
– muscle rigidity
– autonomic instability
– treat with dantrolene sodium
When do you use clozapine
– treatment resistance and TD
Carbemazepine SE’s
– Nausea, AV block, Coma
– Aplastic Anemia
Valproic acid SE’s
– GI, alopecia , weight gain
– pancreatitis, hepatotoxicity
– agraunlocytosis, thrombocytopenia
Lamotrigine SE’s
– ataxia, blurred vision, GI distress
Rule of 4’s for EPS
– 4 hrs is acute dystonia (treat w/ benztropine)
– 4 days is akinesia (treat w/ benztropine or amantadine
– 4 weeks is akasthesia (treat w/ B-blockers)
– 4 weeks is TD (don’t decreased med or give anticholinergics!)
When do autism spectrum disorders start?
– they must be present before 3
Tourette’s Tx
– haloperidol
– pimozide
– clonidine
– must be present for > 1 year
PCP tox tx
– give benzo’s for sever sx
– withdrawal leads to recurrence of Sx from reabsorption into GI tract
Body dysmorphic d/o TX
– associated w/ depression
– SSRI’s may help
How do you treat catatonic schizo?
– benzos and ECT
Olanzapine SE’s
– weight gain is the big one
Alzheimer’s Tx
– reversible Ach inhibitors
– donepezil, rivastigmine, tarcine, galantamine)
EtOH withdrawl Tx
– Librum aka Chlordiazepoxide (a long acting benzo)
Distortion example
– IV drug user gets HIV and blames in on US not keeping good control
Introjection example
– battered woman thinks husband is right for abusing her
Li in pregnant patients
– Ebsteins anomaly
– get B-HCG w/ thyroid and renal tests
What is the best way to treat the (-) sx of schizophrenia?
– atypicals
Intermittant explosive d/o
– decreased 5-HIAA is CSF
– limbic and serotonin problems