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Insulin order of fast acting
– lispro (humilog)
– aspart (novolog)
– regular
– NPH (lente)
– Ultralente
– Lantus
What are the shorter acting sulfonurea type drugs
– Meglitinides
– end in glinide
Metformin action and contraindicationa
– inhibits hepatic gluconeogenesis and increases peripheral sensitivity
– don’t give to elderly or renal disease
Thiazolidinediones SE’s
– glitazones
– weight gain, edema, liver damage
Myxedema coma Tx
– IV levothyroxine and IV hydrocortisone (until you rule out Addisons)
The names for MEN syndromes
– Wermers is 1 and Sipple’s is 2
Markers of increased bone turnover
– Urinary N-telopeptides
– deoxypyridinoline
Paget’s disease (bone)
– normal Ca and P
– do radionuclide bone scan
– give bisphos and calcitonin
Hyperparathyroidism Tx
– give IV fluids, bisphos and calcitonin – lasix if renal or heart failure
Acromegaly medical treatment
– octreotide
– pergolide
– pegvisomant
Prolactinoma medical treatment
– Cabergoline
– Bromocriptine
– Pergolide
Adrenal insufficiency Dx
– hyperkalemia only in 1o (b/c 2o is due to decreased ACTH and not actual adrenal glad dysfunction, so mineralcorticoids still work)
– random > 20 excludes
– stress test < 20 confirms
Conn syndrome Dx
– presents w/ muscles weakness and numbness
– metabolic alkalosis
– hypomagnesemia
– increased 24 hr urine ALD
– can tx w/ spironololactone if hyperplasia
What are most thyroid nodules?
– benign colloid nodules
Bartters syndrome
– defective LOH resorption of Na and Cl leads to RAAS activation
– Renin and ALD are both increased w/ normal BP
– you loose K and H
– can be associated w/ MR if presents early
What labs make you check thyroid function?
– hyponatremia
– hyperlipidemia
– increased CK
How do sarcoid and heme malignancies cause hypercalcemia?
– they increase 1,25-D conversion
Nephrogenic DI Tx
– Indomethacin and HCTZ
– if from Li tox, do Amiloride
21-OH deficiency
– can present later w/out salt wasting (non-classic)=
– 17-a-something builds up
17-OH deficiency
– delayed puberty and increased mineralocorticoids
11-OH deficiency
– increased androgens and increased mineralocorticoids
3-B-OH deficiency
– DHEA-S excess w/ decreased testosterone and decreased mineralocorticoids
Sick euthyroid syndrome labs
– decreased T3 but normal T4 and TSH
Low RAIU w/ thyrotoxicity
– thyroiditis
– OD
– struma ovarii
– iodine induced
Milk alkali Triad
– hypercalcemia
– metabolic alkalosis
– renal insufficiency
Untreated hypothyroid
– increase clast so rapid bone loss
– also increased risk of thyroid lymphoma regardless