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Appendicitis Tx
– IV abx and removal
– if perf, do Abx until afebrile and do 1o delayed closure
– if abscess, do drainage and then removal 6-8 weeks later
Aortic rupture Dx
– get CT or TEE before surgery
Parkland formula
– 4 x kg x %BSA – do ½ in first 8 hours, then the next half over 16 hours
Asystole Tx
– Epi and atropine (same as PEA)
Stable V Tach tx
– lidocaine or amiodarone
V fib Tx (outside shock and Epi)
– Vasopressen then shock then lidocaine
– Amiodarone then shock then procainamide or magnesium
Unstable A-fib or flutter Tx
– 100 J shock
– if Sx, try atropine
– can consider dopamine or dobutamine
Neck zone puncture Tx
– 1 is aortography
– 2 is surgery
– 3 is aortography and triple endoscopy
Fevers before post op day 3
– not likely infectious unless Clostridium or B-hemolytic step
Trauma radiology series
– AP chest, AP pelvis, AP/lateral/odontoid C-spine views
Alcohol withdrawl chronology
– tremor in 6-12 hours
– tachy and seizures in 48 hours
– DT’s in 2-7 days
– don’t give unless drug free for 7 to 10 days