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Pathogen and Tx of erythrasma
– Cornyebacterium minutissimum
– erythromycin
Atopic dermatitis treatment
– mild soap and emollients
– topical steroids
– topical tacrolimus
– methotrexate
Type II hypersensitivity reaction examples
– Rh
– Goodpastures
– Rheumatic fever
Type III hypersensitivity reaction examples
– Immune complex is SLE and RA
– Serum sickness is from drugs (5-10 days after)
– Arthus reaction is thermophilic actinomyces and hypersensitivity pneumonia
Histology of EM, SJS, and TEN
– perivascular T’s and necrotic keratinocytes
– perivascular mono’s and eos in papillary dermis w/ subepi blisters
– full thickness eos necrosis w/ lots of macros and dendros and strong TNF-a
Erythema nodosum Dx
– need incisional wedge bx for definitive
– increased ESR and ASO
– leukocytosis
– false + VDRL
Lichen Planus treatment
– Topical steroids and antihistamines
– if severe do cyclosproin, prednisone, oral retinoids, PPUVA
Psoriasis Treatment
– topical steroids and topical calcipotriol
– Phototherapy and methotrexate
– infliximab
Seborrheic dermatitis agent
– Pityrosporm yeast
Oral Abx for cellulites
– cephalexin or dicloxacillin
Pityriasis vesicolor agent and tx
– Malassezia furfur that looks like spaghetti and meatballs
– tx w/ topical antifunals and selenium sulfide
Impitigo Tx
– wash with soap
– topical mupirocin if coag + staph
– Abx
Lichen sclerosis Tx
– topical glucocorticoids
– oral hydrochloroquine
Tuberos sclerosis
– Shagreen patches, ash leaf, angiofibromas
– kidney and heart tumors
– Café-au-lait, axillary freckling
– Meningiomas, acoustic neuromas, Lisch nodules, optic nerve gliomas, renovascular HTN, scoliosis, seizures
Sturge Weber
– seizures, MR, visual impairment
Von Hippel Lindau
– hemangiomas
– Reinal hamartomas, RCC, pheo, polycythemia
Actinic keratosis Tx
– cryosurgery
– topical 5-FU
– curettage
– chemical peel
Karposi’s sarcoma Tx
– HIV therapy!
– chemo radiation, lesional vinblastine, liquid nitrogen
Mycosis Fungoides sx, histo, and complications
– intractable pruritis
– Pautriens microabscesses
– can -> Sezary’s syndrome
Mycosis Fungoides tx
– PUVA, nitrogen mustard, total body electron, topical steroids, retinoids
Rosacia Tx
– topical metro, sulfur lotions
– oral tetra or accutane
Warfarin induced skin necrosis
– pain lead to bullae which lead to necrosis
– on breast, butt, thighs, abs
Tetracycline and the sun
– you get erythema and edema
Dermatitis herpieitformis
– w/ celiac sprue
– itchy vesicles on extremities
– tx w/ Dapsone
– from C1 esterase deficiency
– its non inflammatory edem
– you have increased levels of C2b and bradykinin