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the five main types of blood vessels are______<_______<______<_______<________.Larger blood vessels are served by their own vessels called ___________.
arteries,arterioles,capillaries,venules,veins,,,,,,,vasa vasorum
The wall of an artery has three tunics 1.________2._________3._________.
tunica interna or intema,tunica media,tunica adventicia
The tunica intema is made of __________called___________,__________,and a layer of elastic tissue called the______________.
simple squamous endothelium,endothelium,basement membrane,internal elastic lamina
the hollow center thru which the blood flows
the tunica media,is usually the thickest layer and consists of _______fibers and _________ fibers that extend circularly around the lumen.
elastic,smooth muscle
arteries ability to stretch without tearing is called_________.
The tunica externa or adventia is composed of ________and________.
elastic collegen fibers
An increase in sympathetic stimulation stimulates smooth muscle contraction called __________.
certain chemicals cause the smooth muscle fibers to relax this is called ___________some of these chemicals are ________,_________,__________and ________.
vasodilation,nitric oxide,K+,H+,and lactic acid
The largest diameter arteries are called __________ because the tunica media contains a large proportion of elastic fibers.these vessels act as a__________.
elastic arteries or conducting arteries,pressure reservoir
medium sized arteries are called ________because their tunica media contains more smooth muscle ,they are also called distributing arteries.
muscular arteries
an __________ is a small almost microscopic atery that delivers blood to capillaries.
arterioles play a key role in regulating blood flow from arteries to capillaries by regulating ________.Smooth muscle in arteriole changes diameters so causesing more or less resistance(blood pressure)