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Disseminated M. avium infection occurs in what % of AIDS pts?
Derivative of rifamycin S
Rifabutin MA and SE
Similar to rifampin
Rifabutin clinical use
Only drug for prevention of M. avium infection in HIV+ individuals
Name 2 Macrolides
Clarithromycin Azithromycin
3 other drugs used for M. avium infection
What does WHO recommend for leprosy infection
Mulitple drug therapy preferably Dapsone + Rifampin
Most important drugs used for leprosy. There MOA.
Dapsone and other Sulfones

MOA same as sulfonamides (inhibit folate syn)-bacteriostatic
PK of Dapsone
Readily absorbed in GI and widely distributed

Excreted in bile and acetylated in the liver (same enzyme as INH)

70-80% excreted in urine (that means longer t1/2 in renal failure)
Adverse Rxns of Dapsone
Hemolysis develops in almost every pt. taking over 200 mg/day, methemoglobinemia also common

GI intolerance, fever, pruritus, erythema nodosum leprosum
BR of Dapsone
Frequently occurs
Used to treat sulfone-resistant leprosy
How long does it take for Clofazimine to work?
Very long- sometimes takes 50 days
(That's a long time to have leprosy!)
PK of Clofazimine
Absorption from GI tract excretion into bile and urine
Adverse Rxns of Clofazimine
GI intolerance
Red discoloration of the skin (eek!)
Used in pts intolerant of dapsone

Not available in U.S.
Yup, approved for treatment of leprosy. MANDATORY CONTRACEPTION IN FEMALE PATIENTS!